Lindsey and Jared

How we met: Jared and I first met in High School in our Algebra 2 class. I instantly thought he was the funniest guy in class and was constantly getting in trouble from the teacher for laughing out loud during her lecture. After months of forming a really good friendship, Jared asked me to Prom and we started dating. Unfortunately, it was broken off just a couple months later as Jared started getting ready to enlist in the Air Force. We remained friends and still kept in touch. It wasn’t until a year and a half later that we would rekindle the flame. Jared was now in the Air Force, away in tech school, and I was a Freshman at San Diego State. He asked me to be his Valentine that year, I said yes, and we started really talking again. A couple months later we decided we both we’re all in and we were ready to make a relationship together. Despite the long distance, here we are almost three years later and engaged! We both considered ourselves each other’s high school sweethearts and we feel so lucky to have found each other once again.

Image 1 of Lindsey and Jared

how they asked: Jared was on his second deployment and I was finishing up my junior year of college. We were constantly dreaming of the day he would get home and we would see each other again. I would send him date ideas and he would send me them too. One day, we found a blog post that listed the “14 Best Places to Kiss in Spokane”, I immediately thought this would be the best date for us when he got home! So finally, he returned home in July and I went up to Spokane (where he was stationed) from California to be with him for a couple of weeks. A few days into the trip, Jared asked me if I would like to go on the “kisses” date and I gave him the biggest smile and said “yes!”. He told me that he wanted to bring along his GoPro and tripod and take pictures of us at each location. This, of course, made me so happy. Being in a long distance relationship doesn’t allow you to have many pictures together so when we are together I’m constantly wanting us to take pictures! So anyway, we went on this wonderful date which pretty much lasted the entire day. It was the most wonderful date I had ever been on. We were so goofy the whole time and were just having the best time together. Finally, we reached the last place on the list, the rose garden in Manito Park. We were walking around just taking in all the beautiful flowers when I saw an older couple trying to take a picture. I went over to them and asked if I could take their picture for them and they gladly accepted. After I was finished taking their picture, the women looked over at Jared and said “if you haven’t asked her to marry you yet, you better hurry!” Little did I know he had the ring in his pocket. A few minutes later, after sitting me down on a bench and setting up the camera, Jared walked over to me, looked me in eyes and said “Babe”, I immediately knew what was coming and starting smiling like crazy.

He then continued to tell me the sweetest things, which I won’t share because they’re just too dear to my heart, got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. This was truly the best moment of my life and it makes me so happy that Jared was sweet enough to get it on camera for me. I’m so in love with this man and so excited to marry him!