Lindsey and Jake

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How We Met

Back in 2014, Jake was working in Oklahoma City on the fire department & I was a senior at the University of Oklahoma. He went to a tailgate at OU that just so happened to be at the house my big from Delta Gamma was living at. While he was there, they chatted & becoming friends. So, like all 20 something year olds do, he followed her on Instagram. It had just been my birthday & my big had posted a picture with me while we were out celebrating. He saw the picture & also added me! There were some “likes” & “comments” here & there, but nothing really came from it. Fast forward to September 2015 where my name popped up on his Facebook. Jake sent me a friend request &, after some convincing from a buddy at his work, he sent me a message. Now, I had already taken a peek at his profile & scrolled through his Instagram plenty of times because I was curious about this mystery Instagram boy! I also knew we already had some mutual friends, which helped. We messaged, exchanged numbers, ending up SnapChat friends, & really got to know each other.

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I referred to him as “fire fighter Jake” to my friends! We would go through phases of talking, some more than others. However over the course of 7 months, Jake & I seemed to always miss the right time to officially meet each other. He would see me at church one week, I would see him out with friends another, but neither of us mustered up the courage to actually say hi to one another. Our friendly talks went on for a while. On April 30th, 2016, we were both at a very crowded country concert in another town. We texted all evening until I got to the venue. I was way too nervous to go say hi, knowing he was there. So Jake texted me saying “I’m going to come find you.” Talk about being nervous! But, I was also not fully convinced he would actually find me in the massive crowd – But sure enough..he did! God knew exactly what He was doing when it came to Jake & I’s relationship. Within two weeks we had gone on a couple of dates, he came to my students’ vocal music performance, I had met his parents, & at the end of the two weeks he took me to a concert. We were official from that point on!

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how they asked

It wasn’t long into our relationship when Jake & I started talking about a future together. We knew we were serious from the beginning! When we officially had met, I had just resigned from my teaching job to move to Texas. I was very torn & prayed for guidance. Around that time, my principal offered me another teaching position within the school. After some praying & thinking, I decided to stay. I knew it was a risk but it was a risk I wanted to take & to be honest, it didn’t feel like a “risk” at all. We spent a year together making memories, finding a church together, & growing as a couple. In February of 2017, my dad was diagnosed with cancer. It was a hard few months for our family while he received treatments. Jake was supportive, loving, & understanding throughout the whole process. In April of 2017, a friend of ours reached out to Jake & asked if she could take pictures of us to help build her portfolio. Jake had been considering the proposal & jumped at the idea. He asked if she would like to take proposal pictures of us.

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He pitched the idea to me as her wanting to build her portfolio & that it may be fun to take some out in Stonewall, Oklahoma (just outside of Ada) on his grandparents land. I love snapping memories so I was all for it! In the weeks leading up to it however, I began to get a little suspicious. I reached out to my sister & she completely threw me off. Jake even pitched in & said he didn’t see himself proposing until towards the end of summer! On May 5th, 2017, a week after my dad had completed his treatments, Jake, Kayla (our wonderful photographer friend), & I all rode down to Ada together. After growing suspicious then being thrown off for weeks, I had convinced myself that nothing was going to happen. I was slightly bummed but still so excited to get some pictures with Jake. Kayla did SO great at keeping us interacting & moving around so I never had a chance to think twice. We went to so many different places around the property!

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After a quick wardrobe change, we decided to move up to a hill on the property. Kayla snapped some more pictures & had us face each other. She then told Jake to tell me what he loved about me. Little did I know, that was the signal. I was so caught up in his words, I really didn’t think anything strange was happening. When he stepped away, I just thought we were going to our next spot. Next thing I know, Jake was down on one knee asking me to marry him!

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I ugly cried, of course, & nodded yes. Kayla was there to capture it all & I’m so glad she did!

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After calling my family, crying, hugging, kissing, & crying some more, Kayla suggested we go take pictures down by the water before the sun went down. As we pulled up to the hunting cabin, all of our friends from Moore were there to celebrate & a few minutes later, his family showed up too! Once again I cried, of course. Jake had asked my parents for their permission nearly a month before & pulled this whole thing off without me knowing! He even tricked me by saying he was hunting the night before all while he was preparing for the big day.

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I’m still blown away by the love & support we felt that day & every day since. Jake is the most loving man I have ever met. He is so patient with me & has made me feel cherish & loved since day one. He loves me as Jesus loved his people & he continues to serve me daily. I’ve prayed my whole life to find someone the Lord believed I should serve & walk through life with.

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He showed me my dreams of the perfect man were so small compared to the man He had already created for me. I cannot wait to marry the man of my dreams & serve Christ through our marriage.

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Special Thanks

Kayla Wilmoth
 | Photographer