Lindsey and George

Image 1 of Lindsey and GeorgeHow we met: We met while I was competing at my first crossfit competition. It was rough; I was not adequately prepared and honestly embarrassed at my obvious lack of preparation. George was there photographing the event and he seemed to know everyone, but spent 90% of his time photographing me. Being slightly conceited, I figured he liked me, but later I found out he was actually friends with my competition partner, lol. He shared his sweet potato fries with me and we spent all the down time talking about hobbies and business. He was totally not the typical guy I’d dated, and yet I felt an attraction and a “stirring” within my body, and wondered: who is this guy? What just happened? Could he be the one? We were both casually dating other people so nothing came of our encounter that day.

Seven months after our initial meeting we went on our first date, and literally moved in together that night. We were inseparable. It was not our usual pattern of needing space and pushing people away, we loved sharing everything together and were only apart when required. It was not a fairytale though; there was infidelity, lying and a business partner that tried to sabotage our relationship. We broke up twice over the previously mentioned incidents. But there was always a longing for each other; there was something there between us, something special.

I believe our soul mates are not people that easily fit into our lives, but are souls that come into our lives to heal the broken parts of ourselves, to push us beyond what we believe is possible so that we can fully step into our greatness. It has not been easy; it has been a choice, a choice of love, compassion, forgiveness, trust, and commitment.

Commitment is not a feeling, commitment is action, and it’s our word. When we choose someone and commit to them, it’s not only in the good times. It’s when people are at their worst, they need us the most. George and I both had challenging childhoods that created stories of worthlessness and self-sabotage. Through our time together, we’ve learned what truly standing for another person means, taking all the stories they make up in their head and making them wrong.

how they asked: 15 months after our first date we were headed to dinner with a mutual friend, or so I thought. But in reality we were headed to my best friends house with 40 of my closest friends for my engagement party! George had been acting weird, but he’s weird a lot so I had no idea he’d been planning this for 9 weeks. I was actually pretty crabby all weekend so major props to him for not wanting to cancel!

Image 2 of Lindsey and George

10 minutes before we got to the restaurant he asked me to put a blindfold on… I DO NOT LIKE TO BE BLINDFOLDED!!! He knows this!!! So I knew something was up. The car stopped and there was a photographer (I could hear the camera shutter) and then some man wanting to mic me up. I quickly discarded all possible business engagements and thought; he’s got to be proposing (I don’t like surprises, so I’m always thinking of all possible scenarios). Walking through Erica’s house blindfolded, I still had no idea where I was, it was dead silent, and there were no smells, nothing to tip me off…

Image 3 of Lindsey and George

He led me to the backyard railing and told me that there were a bunch of people that loved me, and he wanted to make sure that I knew it. At that moment, he asked me to take the blindfold off and I saw my daughter, family, friends, even my out of state friends with very busy business were all here! I was speechless, and in shock. Everyone was dressed in white, surrounded by 14,000 rose pedals, 1,000 candles and who knows how many balloons. It was nicer than some weddings…

Image 4 of Lindsey and George

George grabbed my hand and we walked down the stairs to the beach. We walked hand in hand down the beach, stopping at every single one of my friends while they shared who I have been for them in their life accompanied by a unique gift. The moment anchored on every gift and letter they gave me so I could never forget the moments. (At the end of the proposal, there was a scrapbook waiting to put all the letters and gifts in).

Image 5 of Lindsey and George

Image 6 of Lindsey and George

I NEVER cry, well almost never. But today I did, as did everyone there.

Image 7 of Lindsey and George

Image 8 of Lindsey and George

As everyone completed their message, a live singer started singing our song “I Choose You” by Sara Bareillas as George walked me into another heart. He shared what I meant to him and asked if I would spend the rest of my life with him……..

Image 9 of Lindsey and George

I SAID YES!!!! Thinking “finally” after all we’ve been through… We were never going to give up on each other, we were it, and always have been it. Every challenge we overcame strengthened ourselves, our relationship, and solidified our foundation.

Image 10 of Lindsey and George

George had the evening catered and we all got to spend the rest of the night together, it was the best dinner ever. We are not perfect, and our romance is far from a fairytale, but its true, its honest, and its real.

Image 11 of Lindsey and George

Image 12 of Lindsey and George

Photos by: Johnny Tinahui | Video by: Aquavivus