Lindsey and Davis

How We Met

I had just transferred to a small liberal arts college. Being a sophomore, I was eager to make new friends but didn’t want to insert myself into friend groups. I started attending Cru, a campus ministry when I first got there and was invited to a retreat at a camp. The retreat was a few hours away so students had to drive other students down there.

Davis, being a leader, volunteered to drive. I was placed in his car so I could get to the retreat. We didn’t talk a lot privately there, but on the way home, we chatted while the other two people slept. Little did I know I had just met the man of my dreams.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Camp Okoboji

How They Asked

Davis is a year older than me so we did a year of long-distance while I was a senior. I decided to attend that Christian retreat but knew he wouldn’t be coming. I texted him I had left campus and we were on our way to the camp. When I arrived, staff members told me there was something wrong with my online waiver. One of them led me out of the check-in building and down by the lakeshore. I was a little confused but didn’t think much of it, especially while the staff member made small talk and distracted me.

Suddenly, Davis appeared from behind a building wearing my favorite outfit of his. He said he had remembered meeting me two years ago to the date (the retreat is usually held the same weekend every year) and to be honest, I don’t remember exact details 😂 We have a saying that goes, “I want all my days to be our days,” and he closed with that as I watched him go down on a knee and asked me to marry him. I screamed and said, “Absolutely, yes!” and friends came out from hiding. We spent the weekend celebrating and making phone calls to our family. 💕

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