Lindsey and Danny

how they asked

It was a beautiful Saturday morning without a cloud in the sky and we had plans to go hiking at Harriman State Park with four of our best friends- not a normal activity for our group by a long shot, so we were all pretty excited..

We set out around 8am. Even with our limited hiking experience, I’d classify this as an easy hike – we were throwing leaves, giggling, being us and taking our sweet ol’ time to get up to the top. The look-out was absolutely beautiful – you could see the NYC skyline from about 40-50 miles.Once we finally reached the top, the six of us stopped to eat lunch and soak in the incredible sights..

Danny said to me, “Linz, let’s go take a picture!” Our friend, Adam, chimed in to say he’d conveniently brought his iPad to get pictures of the amazing views and volunteered to take a couple of us. In retrospect, it should have been obvious to me. But I was distracted by the incredible views and the new experience, so I was oblivious as Danny and I climbed down to the rock below to get the perfect backdrop for a photo I would never forget.

The next thing I know, Danny was down on his knee asking me to spend the rest of my life with him. For about 5 mins, I‘m fairly certain all anyone could hear was me shrieking. Our best friends watched the whole proposal go down, captured every moment. Danny even had our friend, Andrew, sneak a bottle of champagne up to the top for a breathtaking toast!

After about 10 minutes of pure joy we decided it was time make our way down the mountain. Let’s just say the hike down was not quite as breezy as the way up – we ended up on the so-called “Hands & Butt” route (special thanks to Adam & Lara for that choice!). The name was fitting – we slid down the mountain for a little over TWO HOURS! All I wanted to do was get down the freaking mountain to call my family and friends. Thank god I had gloves with me to protect my shiny new ring:)

After we finally put two feet on the ground and got in the car to head back to the city, Danny let me know that we were all going to dinner at CATCH. I couldn’t believe how well Danny had planned, not realizing the surprises were still not over. When we got back to our apartment I was already planning what color I was going to get my nails (redone) with and what I was going to wear to dinner. When I opened the door to our apartment, there were our families who had both flown in from Florida to surprise me. My shrieking ensued once again… I could not have dreamt of a better way to celebrate the best day of our lives so far!

We are now both super excited and can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together!

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