Lindsey and Dan

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How We Met

We are middle school sweethearts.❤

How They Asked

My grandfathers favorite holiday was always 4th Of July, we would get together every year, he loved watching the fireworks go off.. He passed away in 2015, it was really hard for me every 4th of July to try to make those same special moments and memories we shared for so many years, so every year I set off one big firework in memory of him. My fiancé and I bought our first home in the beginning of 2020, our neighbors were doing a bunch of fireworks in their back yard and we bought a few to do as well a long with the special one for my grandfather. It was a beautiful night, We had a fire set, my daughter and I were making s’mores and watching the neighbors fireworks. My fiancé came over to me and said it’s time to set off poppas fire work, he knows how emotional I get when this moment comes and always is there for me, before I light it every year I say a pray/message to my grandfather. I lit the fire work with tears in my eyes and watched it go off, with beautiful colors I know he would’ve loved.. I turned around and my fiancé was on one knee with a beautiful ring and my daughter standing right beside him smiling at me.. he said now your grandpa can be here with you to share this special moment. It was the most amazing feeling I have ever felt and I am so lucky to have such a wonderful fiancé that made that moment so memorable and special