Lindsey and Curt

Image 1 of Lindsey and Curt

How We Met

We met through work 15 years ago, while I was wearing my “Don’t be Jealous” T-shirt (his fav part of the story lol). Curt wanted to date right away but I was skeptical since he’s not my type at all. After a few weeks of talking, we finally went on our first date. One day early in our relationship, I was brushing my teeth in his bathroom and realized he was the ONE. We dated for 5 years but the relationship didn’t go anywhere so we broke up. We both had separate lives and relationships but always kept in touch. Another 5 years pass and we reconnected.

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Image 5 of Lindsey and Curt

This time, I made sure he was serious about me and this relationship before moving forward. A girl has no time to waste lol. Before he proposed, I would drunk cry and asked why are we not getting married. Little did I know what was about to happen a few days later… My favorite part of this whole story is I truly know he’s the one when we’re together again after all these years. It’s like we never separated even tho I like to remind him of what he lost lol.

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How They Asked

Italy has been at the top of my list for years and years. When Curt had to go to work, of course, I tagged along Lol. He knew the one thing I really wanted to do was rent the James Bond boat on Lake Como. On the day of the boat tour, we were on a ferry in Bellagio on our way back to our hotel across the lake. As we were in the furry, there was a crazy thunderstorm that was swaying the boat. At that same moment, the captain of the boat tour canceled on us. Hours later, Curt convinced the captain to add an extra tour for us.

Image 9 of Lindsey and Curt

The next morning, we had a bad jet lag so we got up at 5 am. We started our day drinking champagne on our hotel balcony and exploring the empty town. When we got back to the hotel, it was boat time. Curt made me promise not to take any photos or videos of the boat tour and to only enjoy it since I’m just an influencer and need to share jk lol. He asked the captain to please stop somewhere for photos. After 40 mins, we stopped at the most gorgeous villa.

Image 10 of Lindsey and Curt

I was waiting for Curt to get into place for a quick photo and he was stumbling and moving his backpack around the boat. He pulled out a little black box and I was so mad. Saying over and over again, what are you doing!! Totally unexpected and did not think anything like this would happen on this trip after he told me a proposal is not happening for a while.

Image 11 of Lindsey and Curt

Honestly, can’t remember what he said besides those magical words I’ve waited 15 years to hear. PS: the ring he gave me is a placeholder for the real ring. He wants me to custom-design the ring of my dreams. He’s also letting me pick the location of our elopement, which will be in Provence, France in April 2024.

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