Lindsey and Chase

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How We Met

We actually met online on the Tinder app! Crazy as that sounds, when we initially met neither of us were seriously looking for a relationship. I knew from the get go that even though he was from the Charlotte area he at the time didn’t live here..he was based in Mississippi with the United States Air Force and he wasn’t interested in a long distance romantic relationship, which I was okay with. He was home for his birthday in early June and we decided to meet up for dinner and a beer just to get to know each other better as friends. This was our first time meeting in person. Our casual dinner date at Fuel Pizza turned into a four hour conversation session and we knew that there was just something special about one another. The date continued because neither of us wanted to say goodbye. I guess in a way it was love at first sight.

how they asked

After dating for a bit over a year Chase and I had been talking very seriously about getting married. He spent the entirety of the first year we dated driving back and forth from Mississippi every other weekend just to spend two days with me. (Also being home for holidays as well). We originally planned on just having a small quiet wedding in October and me moving to Mississippi with him. However, military life had something else planned. In early August Chase received orders that he would be going overseas in November. This basically threw a wrench into all of our plans. I was beyond stressed because this meant we would have to speed up everything in order for us to be married in time! Chase knew that even if he couldn’t give me the wedding (right now) that every girls dreams about he’d at least make the proposal special. That day I went to work as normal and planned on spending the rest of the day with two of my friends, one of which had driven 5 hours from the coast to visit. I was super excited to have some girl time to just relax and not think about how life had just turned into a cluster of the unknown. Chase was “at work” and wouldn’t be in town until the next day. Holly and Kayla were set on having a girls night downtown and a fancy dinner just to spoil ourselves. We had also planned on going to Freedom Park to take some photos at the beautiful bridge to remember our day. We had all decided to dress up in cute dresses and try to look our best. The weather did not cooperate though. When we got to the park it was about to downpour. I had no clue why they wanted to go in the park anyways and take pictures when the weather was horrendous and our hair was now frizzy and the ground was wet. I didn’t say anything because I thought why not? Who really cares if we look our best anyways? So, we go into the park and Kayla is walking in turbo speed to the bridge. Again, I had no idea why she was so excited to get there. As Holly and I got close to the bridge, I notice a man walking up to me in my peripheral vision. I didn’t think anything nor did I look fully at the man because I was set of getting to the bridge where Kayla was headed. I did a double take and realized it was Chase!! The first words that flew out of my mouth were “You’re suppose to be at work!!!! What are you doing?!?” Before I could say anything else or reach out to hug him, he dropped down on one knee saying some of the sweetest things I had ever heard as asked me to be with wife. In that moment Holly and Kayla were snapping photos and I couldn’t do anything but cry tears of happiness and of course say YES! He had driven all the way home the night before when we got off of FaceTime and spent the whole day leading up to this planning that moment to make our proposal special. As we left the park it began pouring down rain! We were all soaked but I had never felt happier! It was perfect!

Obviously because it is almost 5 months later with the circumstances we had we are now happily married. We had a small beautiful wedding on August 31st, 2015 with our close family and friends in Tega Cay, SC. It was the happiest day of our lives!!

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