Lindsey and Charlie

How We Met

We found each other online, and it was an instant connection. About 5 messages into it, I literally said “This online thing weirds me out, so here’s my number. I’m deleting my account.” Thankfully it all worked out! Our first date was 7 hours away from home because we both happened to be at Myrtle beach the same week! We had chatted for a little less than a week, and I just couldn’t wait any longer to meet him! We watched a street magician, closed down a bar, laughed hysterically at, got kicked off the restaurants’ front porch for staying too late, and sunk our feet in sand under the stars during the most perfect 6 hour first date I could’ve imagined. I fell in love three weeks later, while tasting wine at our local vineyard. Many moves, nearly two years of long distance, a house, a ring, and a puppy later, we’re getting married in the spring!

The day we bought our house!

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At the bar where it all began, 3 years later:

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how they asked

I don’t like surprises. I much prefer the anticipation leading up to something exciting, so I was looking for any and every clue towards when he would propose! We picked out my ring together, so I knew a proposal was coming soon, but not when or where. We were going to Toronto in a few weeks, so I thought it might be then, but when we were on a weekend family trip, and my dad walked into the room with the BIGGEST grin of his life, I knew it was going to be that day.

We were spending a relaxing, but windy and stormy spring day at the beach with family when everyone decided it was time to go inside. The beach is my favorite place to relax, so he asked if I wanted to take one last walk down the pier before going in. My ears perked up- could this be it?! We walked to the end of the pier as it rocked in the midst of a tropical storm (was my heart beating for fear of the pier washing away or from excitement??), my family watching, and he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Thankfully, he was smart enough to keep the ring in the box until we reached solid ground again.

We’d been together for about 2 1/2 years and had started talking about getting engaged when my grandmother found out she was sick with cancer and didn’t have long to live. She told me multiple times that her biggest regret was she wouldn’t live to see me get married (no pressure there!). So the fact that my fiance chose to propose on the last weekend I got to spend with both of my grandparents makes my heart so full. (They both died later this summer) It made their hearts so full, and it made me solid in my choice of a life partner who understands how much that moment would mean to me and my family. It wasn’t a hugely flashy proposal, but it was hugely symbolic to me. Weathering life’s storms together with the witness and support of my family at my favorite place.

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