Lindsey and Brian

Image 1 of Lindsey and Brian

How We Met

So Brian and I met through his mom! I was friends with his mom before I even met him. People say we physically met at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in 2015, however, neither of us remember meeting. I remember going over to his mother’s house on Mother’s Day because she was selling me her washer and dryer. When I was over there her phone rang and it was Brian. At the time Brian was deployed and he was just getting back and was stationed in Germany still.

Image 3 of Lindsey and Brian

So she had him on video and turned the phone around and said, “Look who is here say hi,” haha. Anyways from there, I added him on Facebook and we chatted a little bit here and there. Then we started chatting a lot more and then a lot more and then A LOT MORE!

Image 2 of Lindsey and Brian

Brian was going to be coming back to Colorado to visit his family for one month in the summer. So we had planned to hang out the whole time. When he arrived we hung out every single day. After that month was over, he went back to Germany. Four months later, I moved to Germany! And here we are almost four years later, living in California, and engaged!

Image 4 of Lindsey and Brian

How They Asked

Our proposal is very romantic and magical! Brian put in a lot of planning and time to make it so special! It turns out for the last six-and-a-half months, he and his mom have been planning my proposal, and I had no idea. On a random Wednesday, I got a knock on the door and it was his mom, her boyfriend, and four of our friends! It was a huge surprise because they weren’t supposed to be here! They said Brian didn’t know they were here either, and I believed them. So all day I thought they just came to visit us randomly and just wanted to surprise us! I was thrilled!

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The next day we girls drove to Napa Valley to go wine tasting and get manicures and pedicures while the guys “went golfing.” We were gone all day, when we got home I opened the front door and was instantly in shock and freaking out!

Image 5 of Lindsey and Brian

The lights were turned down, there were rose petals, candles all leading out our back door, all the way to our backyard. Brian and the rest of the guys that were visiting were working all day to make my proposal perfect. There Brian was outside, underneath the canopy with lights strung everywhere, and net lights on the grass, and a huge DIY sign that lit up saying “Will you marry me”….And I said yes.

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