Lindsey and Brandon

How We Met

I met Brandon the summer after our 8th grade year. Our mutual friend, Austin Grant, introduced us. I was meeting Austin and Brandon at Bogan Park to play basketball. The boys were playing hard trying to impress all the girls there, but not Brandon. Brandon noticed that I was insecure and wanted to make me feel more confident. So while every other boy was trying to be the super star, Brandon would pass me the ball every time and tell me to shoot. I was planning on transferring to Buford High school the next year, and I was so happy that I found a friend in Brandon before I started school. Fast forward to freshman year of high school. As the new girl, I felt out of place compared to the lifelong Buford crew. I pretty much stayed to myself. I had a big crush on Brandon but he was so shy and I had no idea if he “liked me liked me”. So I took it upon myself to make sure he knew how I felt. Of course, to me that was just telling every person that I liked Brandon and he was going to be my boyfriend. Shortly after, he was my boyfriend (but only because I told him that he was). He started off our first conversation as a couple by telling me, “You know, this is never going to last.” Boy was he wrong, Throughout all of high school we were each other’s best friend, tutors, and biggest fans.

Neither of us missed a soccer or football game and I could always hear him cheering for me over anyone in the crowd. Fast forward through homecomings, games, proms, and variety shows and we were finally about to graduate from our beloved Buford. Although we were so excited to leave Buford, this meant for the first time in 4 years we wouldn’t be living 5 minutes down the road and going to the same school. I was attending Lander University and he was going to North Georgia. That was one of the hardest years for both of us. So after a lot of tears and praying, I decided I was going to transfer. I wasn’t sure where, but I knew I needed to be closer to Brandon. Around the same time, Brandon decided he missed playing football and decided to continue both his education and football career at Reinhardt University. So of course, I called the Reinhardt soccer coach and asked if they had a spot for me. I went and tried out and finally Brandon and I were back at the same school. We graduated from Reinhardt together in 2016. After four years of Buford and three years of Reinhardt we finally made it and the best part was we made it together. Through the ups and the downs, championships lost, and late study nights, Buford and Reinhardt formed our relationship. Which brings us to today… July 30, 2017.

how they asked

Since the beginning, Brandon has always made July 30th a special day. Of course for me, Brandon has always gone above and beyond on birthdays because he uses any holiday as an excuse to spoil me. On July 29th, he took me to my first Atlanta United soccer game. I knew that was my present, and I was more than happy to celebrate my birthday early with a soccer game. On Sunday, we were supposed to meet my parents in Buford for brunch. So Brandon and I got all dressed and started driving to Buford. He told me we had to make a pit stop before brunch and I didn’t even think twice about it. We parked the car on Main Street which is the cute little downtown area that has gorgeous old plantation houses, big oak trees, and so many memories of me and Brandon walking those streets as kids.

We got out of the car and started walking, and I saw a car with the trunk open with a bunch of puppies. I immediately thought that Brandon bought me a puppy for my birthday! But we kept walking and had no idea what was happening. We turned a corner and my lifelong best friend that lives far away was sitting on the bench. I ran over and we hugged and freaked out. I couldn’t believe that Brandon and Courtney surprised me by planning for her to come up for brunch! I sat down on the bench and she gave me a birthday card. Inside the card was a long heartfelt letter and on the bottom it said “turn around”. At that moment, I still did not know what was happening. As I turned around, Brandon was on his knee and I could not believe that it was happening! He opened up his proposal with the 50 cent quote, “I love you like a fat kid loves cake” and I could not catch my breath.

Every memory of us, starting from when we were just 13 came flooding back into my mind. I fell in love with a braces wearing, long hair, hot head boy and now I am going to be marrying my strong, confident, gentle, best friend. We then went to my sister’s house where all our friends and family were waiting to celebrate us! My Nana passed away a few months ago, and she left Brandon her engagement ring to take the diamond and make it into my own unique ring. I recognized the diamond as soon as he opened the box and I could just feel my Nana looking down and making our engagement the most beautiful and special day.