Lindsey and Benny

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How We Met

I met Benny my freshman year of high school. He ended up becoming my best friend our senior year, and we always were attracted to each other but we never got a chance to date, seeing as we both had high school sweethearts.

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After we graduated, we became even closer and helped each other through heart ache, college, and loss of family members. He was always there for me whenever I needed him. No matter what. We tried to date in college, but Benny didn’t want to ruin our friendship. *rolls eyes* lol. After about 3 1/2 years of college we finally got a chance to start dating. After a few months of being together, we knew that this was it. I get to be with my best friend forever!

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how they asked

I decided to run the half marathon in Disney World. From the point of signing up for the race, Benny had started planning the proposal; of course I had no idea. Disney is my absolute favorite place in the world! I always dreamed of being proposed to there, but never thought it would actually happen!! So fast forward about 9 months, we are in Florida. We ended up getting to invite both my sisters, a sisters boyfriend, and my best friend and her boyfriend. We had an amazing first day in the parks, and came back so me and Benny could go to a dinner he had planned for just us two. He made a huge deal about how we HAD to change clothes and look nice because “it’s just fun and it’s the Grand Floridian!”

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I was very excited because The Grand Floridian is our favorite resort at Disney World (one day we will stay there!) We got to the resort and checked in to our table, Benny rushed me through dinner towards the end because “oh my gosh fireworks are at 9! We can’t miss them!” We walked out to the dock over looking the water that faces Magic Kingdom and started watching the parks firework show. I asked to move further down up the dock so we could see the castle AND the fireworks. Once we were down, and watched for a couple of minutes he asked to move back to where we were so he could hear the music to the show, and as I turned around there were both of our parents holding signs reading “Will you marry me?”

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I gasped and stood frozen! He went down on his knee and said “Lindsey Taylor Goode, will you marry me?” and it was literally the best single moment of my entire life. It was so unexpected (he literally ruined my dreams saying my sister’s boyfriend was going to propose, not him!) He always had our parents fly out to join in and surprise me! I am so excited to marry my best friend and spend forever with him!

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Special Thanks

Albert Harris
 | Photographer