Lindsey and Ben

how we met

I knew nothing about Ben before our first date other than his name, we had never met one another or seen one another ever. we both had recently moved back to the area and he got my phone number and asked me to dinner. as skeptical as I was, I went and he blew me away, we were the only ones in the restaurant and the whole date only lasted about an hour, but I know right away we would be married. I had never met anyone like him before.

how they asked

Ohhh the Proposal! Poor Ben had carried that dang ring in his pocket all day without me noticing! we had made plans to go to my parents for dinner one evening in July, we had dinner, and on the way home he said “Im not ready to go home yet, why don’t we go out to that pasture that’s your favorite spot and just hangout for a while” to me this was nothing out of the ordinary we do things like that all the time. we pulled into the pasture I jumped out and walked to the back of the car. my oldest daughter who was 6 at the time ran up to me and said “here momma ben wanted me to give this to you” with tears in her eyes. I looked back at him and he got on one knee and let me know how much the girls and I meant to him and that he had asked for my parents permission, and that all our friends and family knew that It was happening that night and approved. it was simply perfect.

Special Thanks

Osage Hills State Park
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