Lindsey and Anthony

Lindsey's Proposal in Central Park, New York City

How We Met

Anthony and I met in the most organic and natural way… a dive bar in Baltimore.

When I met Anthony, I was the happiest I’d ever been. Single, confident, and just excepted a full-time job in Manhattan. I decided one weekend in September 2014 to drive over to Baltimore to visit friends from college. It was my first time in Baltimore, so they wanted to show me every bar the city had to offer! I was ready for a fun night and wore my favorite red dress that I called my power dress. We were bar hopping around Fed Hill area and stopped at a bar called Stalking Horse. After about 15 mins, I ran into a friend from a different circle but also from college (we all went to WVU). His name was Brad, and we started catching up on life. I told him I had just started working full time in Manhattan, and he said “Oh! That’s where Anthony lives, Ant comes here and met Lindsey”. Anthony walks over, and we immediately started chatting. Anthony didn’t go to WVU but grew up with Brad in their hometown in Bel Air, MD. He was home visiting for the weekend. Turns out Ant lived on 32nd and Lexington, which was 5 blocks from my new job! I told him he had to show me around to find the best spots. We exchanged numbers and planned to meet up. While i thought Anthony was really cute, I saw it as another guy friend introducing me to another potential guy friend, I didn’t think we had made a date…yet.

Fast forward a week or so and I still hadn’t gotten a text from ant, which I didn’t think anything of, but then I got a facebook friend request from him. I don’t know why I did this, but I accepted and messaged him right away say “hey! you found me”. He said he left his phone in the uber the night we met! After some small talk, we exchanged numbers, again, and set a time to meet up. He was traveling over the next few weeks, so he said he would reach out then.

Sure enough, the next few weeks went by and he reached out to met up. I remember going to dinner with my mother the night before I was supposed to meet up with Anthony. I asked her I wasn’t sure if it was a date or not, and I actually had plans to met up with someone I met on Tinder. Literally, it was going to be the first Tinder date I ever went on, and I just didn’t like the whole idea. So as any Jersey mom would ask, she asked for a picture of Anthony. I showed her a recent Instagram he posted of him holding a giant fish! She told me I would be crazy to pass up on meeting up with him again. And it was settled, the fish pic one over my mother, and I honestly couldn’t stop thinking about his blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair.

So the next day, after work, we met up at a rooftop bar in Manhattan called PODs. I still wasn’t 100% sure if it was just a met up, or a date, but on the way over I called a girlfriend and explained that I had butterflies, which I hadn’t had that feeling in years. She confirmed that it was def a date! I waited for him in the lobby and was so excited to see him again. When he arrived we went up to the roof, had some beer and the rest was history. I had the best time and never wanted the night to end. We talked for hours, drank for hours, and at the end of the night shared a kiss, and he not only ordered me a taxi to take to the train but hopped in it with me to make sure I got home alright. I texted my girlfriends on the way home on the train saying, I found him, he’s the one. I knew from that date, I could see myself with him for the rest of my life. That first date was on a Thursday, and our next one, Saturday, and the rest was history.

how they asked

We had plans to go to one of Anthony’s close co-worker’s going away brunch, she was moving out of the city. The brunch was at 10:30 am, so we had to get ready early and hit the subway for the commute. Ant had shown me where the brunch would be, which was a fancier French restaurant by Central Park. We get off the subway, and the restaurant is right in front of us. We’re always rushing, but had 5 mins to spare so I was quite impressed. That’s when he turned to me and said, ” Don’t be mad, but the brunch is at 11:30 am, not 10:30 am…” I wasn’t mad, yet. He showed me the text from his co-worker saying she was sorry but messed up the times. I said oh well, and immediately started searching for a coffee place, I needed something to hold me over for the hour. “Why don’t we go walk through the park first?” suggested Anthony. “No I want a coffee” was my reply, I could feel my hangry side starting to emerge. We walked around the block and landed in a coffee shop in the Plaza Hotel. “You want to go in and sit down?”, Ant said “Yea why not? We have an hour to kill” I said. “No no no Linds, I don’t want to sit, let’s just walk and find a place? Look how nice it is out! We’re never by the park”. There are two things you can do to get me really pissed off, wake me up early, and deny me coffee. I said “FINE” and we started walking into the park. We started walking through the park and Ant said, “Here look, there’s a coffee truck beyond that bridge, let’s stop there.” I replied with silence, to say I was being difficult would be an understatement.

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Before we rounded the cornered to the bridge he smiled and said, “look how pretty the city looks, stand over their and let me take your picture” “I do not want my picture taken” I said, and he just smiled, almost laughing and said “come on, I want to take a picture of how happy you are” Knowing he was just messing with me, I went along with it. I stood with my back to the pond, with a blank expression. He said “So happy Linds! Now turn around and pretend you’re looking out”. So I did, let him take a few pictures, he was right though, it was a beautiful day. He then said turn back, and when I did I couldn’t believe my eyes. There he was on one knee, proposing. My heart stopped, I gasped and dropped my bag. He started with “you really have made this morning very difficult, but Linds, I knew you were the one the night I met you in that red dress…” I was already crying. I was so overcome with emotion that I dropped to my knees with him. Of course, I said yes through tears and then said sorry for throwing a temper tantrum about the coffee. He said it was ok, it just adds to our story. The ring was absolutely stunning. I quickly ripped off the communion ring that I’ve worn on my ring finger since 10 years old and replaced it with the jaw-dropping ring Anthony designed himself.

(I was completely surprised. We’ve been together for almost 4 years now, but Ant is going back to school full time this fall, and I thought that we would get engaged after that, which was about 2 years.)

I then see one of his best friends Tom is the shadows of the trees, who snapped the whole proposal. He said he had flown in from LA for us! We snapped a few more photos, and my head was still spinning. And then said we had to get going, or we’d be late to his co-worker’s brunch. That’s still happening?? I thought. But he said come on it will be fun to show off your new ring.

He said he tricked me about the location of brunch so he could get me to Central Park where he planned the spot out weeks in advance. So we hopped in a cab, said bye to Tom and said we’d met up with him later for drinks. Still shocked we hopped in a cab to Chelsea area. I said to him I have to facetime, my mom! He said don’t worry, she was in on the surprise, and told ant to tell me to do it after brunch she wanted to hear the whole story.

We arrive at the brunch place, and as the waitress lead us to the back, it isn’t his co-workers we see, but my entire family and his waiting for us. I started crying, again. My sister flew in from South Carolina when her graduation was just a week away! Our parents together for the first time, just so many wonderful things happening at once. I ran to my dad first and just sobbed. There was just so much emotion and love in the room, I was brought right back to the shocked feeling.

He promised no more surprises, and we had a lovely brunch with our family.

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After my dad suggested we stop at our favorite bar around the corner, a family friends, which just so happens to be where Anthony and I had our second date. With everything happening, I completely forgot it was Cinco de Mayo AND the Kentucky Derby! So we thought we could watch the race at the bar. As I walk into the bar, I’m shocked for the third time, to find all of our close friends from near and far yelling surprise! I cry for the third time that day and immediately start hugging everyone. We spent the rest of the night with friends and family, drinking margaritas and watching the race. Friends have now named our engagement day as Cinco de Solesi.

Anthony is the most wonderful, thoughtful, and charming man I have ever met. He set this entire plan in motion 5 months prior. From asking my dad for his blessing to designing the entire ring, to including everyone we love from all moments of our lives. I knew he was the one when I met him years ago, and couldn’t picture my life without him. I was completely surprised, I am so in love with him, and can not wait to be his wife.

Lindsey and Anthony's Engagement in Central Park, New York City

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