Lindsey and Alex

How We Met

As cliche as it may sound, we both knew this was special from the very beginning. Alex and I went to high school together in Plano, Texas. We were one grade apart and had some mutual friends, but our love story didn’t begin until after college. We reconnected back in Dallas through close friends in January of 2014, and Alex invited me on a ski trip the following month.. we immediately hit it off and it was history from there. Alex was transferred to Los Angeles for work soon after, and we dated long distance for a year and a half. We were fortunate enough to plan visits every 2-3 weeks, and I truly believe the long distance aspect of our relationship built the foundation of trust and communication we have now. I took the biggest risk of my life accepting a new job in Los Angeles and made the move so we could finally be together in July of 2015. Looking back now, it was the best decision we could have made. We easily fell into our routine and continued to grow our love every day. I have never met someone so passionate, caring, intelligent, and full of life. Alex and I compliment each other in all the best ways, and I count my blessings every day for this man.

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how they asked

We had dinner reservations to celebrate an early Valentine’s Day and anniversary. We were running the LA Marathon on Valentine’s day (my first one!) so our moms would both be in town visiting that weekend.. Seemed like a reasonable plan. I had entertained the thought that this could be *the night*, but of course dismissed those ideas and told myself it was just a special date night! As I was getting ready, Alex suggested we take the dog for a walk to the beach before dinner since we had some time to spare. When we got to the beach, he asked if we could take a quick walk on the sand. At this point, I’m still wondering why we needed to go for a walk in our nice clothes to start with, but now he wants to walk in the sand too?! Guys. So naturally I obliged. As we got closer to the lifeguard stand we usually go to, I saw two lights in the distance. My heart skipped a beat and we continued walking. As soon as we reached the stand, more lights flickered on surrounding the railings and I turned to see rose petals scattered everywhere and wine glasses in the background. I knew at this moment, it was for us. This 2nd Street lifeguard stand is where we sit and drink wine late at night, talk about our future, and where Alex first said “I love you” two years before. On February 11th, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever- I immediately said “of course” . I couldn’t imagine life without him. There were tears of happiness, moments of pure shock and excitement, and I can honestly say that nothing prepares you for that indescribable feeling. Alex had put a lot of thought into this night and hired a photographer to capture the moment, and our good friend had help set up the entire thing! While hugging Alex afterwards, I felt something on his back.. “Are you wearing a heart rate monitor right now?!” I burst out laughing.. we’ve been wearing them during our long runs and he got the idea to see how high his heart rate would rise while proposing, he explained. (very high, to answer that question!) We enjoyed the remainder of our romantic evening together, and can’t wait to live out the rest of our love story as husband and wife. And oh yeah, and we did run that LA Marathon.. as a team the entire race, holding hands through the finish line, meeting my goal time of less than four hours. This weekend was unforgettable to say the least.




LA Marathon

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