Lindsey and Alex

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How We Met

Alex and I met during the 2011 Halloween nor’easter that resulted in a rare “white Halloween” in Connecticut! We were juniors at Litchfield and WAMOGO high schools and, while only two miles apart and big sports rivals; we did not know each other. As it often happens, we met through a friend of mine that wanted to get to know one of Alex’s friends. With the nor’easter dumping almost two feet of snow on Connecticut, most of the state was without electricity and schools were closed for more than a week. Alex’s friend, who was one of the very few local people that had a generator, had invited friends over, including Alex, to stay there while crews worked to restore power.

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Meanwhile, a friend of mine was staying with me during the storm and was spending a lot of time talking with Alex’s friend on the phone. Eventually, we were invited over to spend a snow day with them. I went along thinking that I was going to be the best “wing-woman” ever. That all changed the second we walked into the house and I first laid eyes on Alex. There he was: A cute guy in gym clothes trying to act as casual as possible! It may sound a bit cheesy now, but in that moment, I believed in true love at first sight. That day he made us paper clip rings and he even joked with his mom on the phone that he had met his future wife. Our first kiss happened right before we parted for the day when our friends dared us to – they saw what we felt. The next day Alex asked me to be his girlfriend – we’ve been together ever since.

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how they asked

Alex proposed to me on Christmas Eve. We were over at his house celebrating the holiday where, as tradition, gifts are opened on Christmas Eve. The first gift I was presented with was numerous boxes of Kraft macaroni and cheese (honestly, I was happy with that because it’s my favorite snack!). After a while, there was one last gift under the tree. Alex’s dad read the tag and said it was for me and that I had to stand in front of the tree to open it. While a bit unsure, I agreed. I opened the gift and pulled out a little box which contained an empty ring box. I turned around and Alex was down on one knee holding a beautiful diamond engagement ring. He asked me to marry him in front of his parents, brother, and grandmother. I was so happy I couldn’t contain my tears as I said, “YES!” Our day of wedded bliss is June 1, 2019.

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