Lindsey and Adam

How We Met

I was born and raised in Memphis, TN, so I felt very out of my comfort zone when moving up to Maryland after college. My family was there, which was an added bonus, but I had established so many friends, and really a whole life in Tennessee. I had interviewed over the past summer for an internship in Maryland with a music venue but was unable to pursue due to other commitments. I reached out to the company again upon my arrival, and I was hired! As an intern, I had to scope out the shows, and soundchecks in order to get social media content. I still remember walking into the venue for the Blues Traveler soundcheck and seeing Adam. Adam is the production manager at this venue, so he is on-site for almost every show. I won’t say “love at first sight,” (a little cliche for me) but I will say that I laser-focused in on his left hand to see if there was a ring!! He was henceforth known as, “the hottie behind the soundboard.” From his side of things, he was intimidated by me, so hardly spoke to me! Eventually, with the encouragement of a mutual friend, we chatted more and more. I came to a show alone one night and asked him to have a drink afterward with me, and our relationship began! We went on a date the next week and soon became inseparable. My peppy enthusiasm was the perfect match for his level headed reason. We were very opposite, but something just clicked-we both knew that this was it.

Where to Propose in Deep Creek, MD (Swallow Falls State Park)

How They Asked

Adam and I had been dating for a little over four years at this point. We had a life together, a home, and a dog. My suspicions grew when he started acting very squirrelly before our weekend trip to Deep Creek in Maryland. Deep Creek was a place close to Adam’s heart because he had many memories of childhood trips there with his family. On our second day there, he took me and our sweet pup to Swallow Falls State Park.

Lindsey's Proposal in Deep Creek, MD (Swallow Falls State Park)

Proposal Ideas Deep Creek, MD (Swallow Falls State Park)

We had an amazing afternoon taking in all of the waterfalls and natural beauty of the fall weather there. At the last waterfall, he brought me up the stairs, and there was a bouquet of flowers waiting at the top. He brought me to the very top of the waterfall. I would love to tell you what he said, but I was in tears the entire time when I realized what was happening, and could barely see the ring! So many emotions!! I, of course, said yes!!! I looked over, and his older brother was across the way and had photographed the entire proposal.

We took some more pictures, and decided to go eat lunch somewhere. When we walked into the restaurant, imagine my surprise when there was an engagement party!! Adam had apparently been planning for months, and my parents, his parents, my best friends from Tennessee, and some of our other friends were all there! There was champagne, balloons, and the sweetest decorations. My heart was overflowing with love for the man who had dedicated all of this time and effort to give me such an amazing surprise.

A little about the ring he designed–

The center stone is a rare blue diamond passed down from his mother, who got it from his grandmother. I will be the third generation McIntosh woman to wear it! The two diamonds on the side come from a ring that my grandmother secretly smuggled to Adam to use. He worked with the jeweler for 8 weeks to custom design the ring.

These labors of love resulted in one of the best days of my entire life. I am marrying the man who I have known for so long is the only one for me.

Special Thanks

Guy McIntosh
 | Photographer