Lindsay and Jake

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Heart Lake, Anacortes, Washington

How We Met

Jake and I were born and raised in Southern California. We had always talked about living in a wetter climate where we could enjoy the green and the mountains and constantly be inspired by the nature around us. We love being outdoors. We moved up to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, in Washington State, to start growing some roots of our own. We are both extremely close with our families and have talked about how the hardest part of moving away was being apart from our loved ones and not being able to share these unbelievably beautiful places with them – which is what made his proposal extra special.

Jake and I have been dating for almost 6 years, but we both knew right away that we wanted to spend our lives together. It was like the most obvious and perfect fit. We just clicked. The first time we ever hung out, we went out to breakfast, and then afterward sat in the car outside of his house for like four hours, just talking and laughing. It was like there was this stranger sitting next to me, but he was so familiar, and I felt immediately so safe and comforted by him. He has the biggest heart of any man I have ever met. His sensitivity was the first thing I noticed about him, and WOW could he make me laugh! Since the very beginning, we have been very transparent with each other. We talk about everything- he is first and foremost, my best friend, so as you could imagine, Jake had to be extra careful when planning the proposal (not to mention the fact that we have been dating for so long!)

Lindsay's Proposal in Heart Lake, Anacortes, Washington

How They Asked

At the beginning of October, we sat down at our kitchen table together to plan out all of our fall festivities. I was actually very excited that Jake wanted to sit down and do this with me because Jake is NOT a planner. Like not at all. He likes to take things as they come, and I, of course, survive off of to-do lists, calendars, and a schedule. So on October 1st, when Jake suggested that we should have a fall inspired picnic at a lake by our house on October 23rd, I was suspicious, but honestly just thought he was making an effort to be festive with me! Fall is my favorite time of year, and I was so excited to take in all the fall foliage in Washington. My parents had also just visited us that past week, and I hadn’t seen them since June when we left home, so I was down about that and thought it was his effort to cheer me up.

We prepared food the morning of and drove over to Heart Lake. Heart Lake was THE first place we explored when we moved to Washington, and we immediately fell in love with it. It is the most magical, tucked away little lake, surrounded by the giant and deep green pine trees and grand mountains. Plus it is in the shape of a heart! It was the perfect symbol of why we moved here. I noticed that Jake was a little bit nervous. He was biting his nails and wasn’t as talkative as he normally is. I was a little suspicious, but again, didn’t really think anything of it. When you’ve been dating 6 years and you’ve known since day ONE that you want to spend forever with someone, thinking that TODAY is the day, is almost unfathomable. It couldn’t be!

We grabbed all of our picnic belongings and started to hike in towards a more private area, away from the trailhead, where there was a bench we could sit on and eat our food and look out at the water. After about 5 minutes of walking, we arrive at the bench. I started to set my stuff down on the bench, when I heard Jake say, “Hey Linds, come here for a second.” I turn around and I could see it in his face. I just knew at that moment. He grabs both of my hands and says, “You know that I will always love you right?”

It’s hard for me to really recollect anything at that moment. I remember saying, “Are you serious?! Are you serious?!” I think I said it about 12 times. Even still, it didn’t feel real. He started to grab the ring box out of his jacket pocket, and it was like okay, this is really happening! I could barely stand up. I think I was leaning on him for support. All I wanted him to do was shut up so I could say “YES!” and just kiss him. When it felt like the moment couldn’t get any more climactic, I began to notice that faint sound of camera clicks over the loud buzz that my brain seemed to be making! I look over, and have an image in my head I never want to forget. I look over and first see my best friend, Angelica, photographing the proposal (Side note: Not only is she my best friend, but she is theee best wedding and lifestyle, photographer! She is so natural at capturing special moments in the most authentic way and cares so much about each and every one of her clients).

Then, I notice that she isn’t the only one- she is just the first person in a long line of people! I begin to notice a long string of familiar faces, holding up their phone cameras, recording us. I then notice my mom, my beautiful mom, sobbing, my dad grinning from ear to ear, my baby brother, and two of Jake’s brothers. WAIT! WHAT? How did they get here? Where am I? What is happening? Don’t you guys have work and school?! I was shocked but by far the happiest I have ever been. I jumped onto Jake, not sure what I was saying, but evidently grateful. I kissed him and then ran over to everyone for embraces!

Jake had been planning this for months without me knowing. My parents even knew about the proposal when they had visited a week or so before the proposal and had to keep it a secret! We all went out to dinner that night to celebrate, and everyone came back to our apartment afterward to continue celebrating. There were so many hugs, kisses, toasts, and laughs! It was the most magical day of my life. I turned to multiple family members throughout the day, asking if this was really happening. I truly felt swept off of my feet by my prince and I was so humbled by how thoughtful everyone was by working to make that day so special and to be a part of the moment with me. It was so ridiculously wonderful to have my family there, and it was so amazing to have Jake’s brothers there too. It was obvious they were welcoming me to the family with open arms by making the effort to be there. It was a moment I never ever want to forget.

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Special Thanks

Angelica Valiton
 | Photographer