Lindsay and Zachary

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How We Met

I realize most posts are the girl posting about how they asked; but, I’ll take any chance to share how I asked the love my life to marry me!

Lindsay and I met in the small town of Weaverville, NC (right outside of Asheville). We grew up together but this is not a love-at-first-sight story. We met through friends and attend the same high school. Lindsay was the class president and the “good girl” and I was anything but that. Needless to say, we ran in different circles; but, we ended up casually knowing each other through mutual friends. Fast forward a couple of years, and many failed relationships between the two of us, we ended up reconnecting over the phone and there was a huge spark between us–the chemistry was wild! She was attending Chapel Hill and I was attending UNC Charlotte, so it was 2.5 hours for us to see each other; but, we made it work! Within two weeks of us talking on the phone, I dropped everything and went to visit her. I still remember our first date at a little Italian restaurant in Chapel Hill and I still have the cork from our first bottle of wine together to prove it!

Eventually, Lindsay would graduate and thankfully she found opportunity in Charlotte, NC where I had already started my career in information security. After a year or so of her living together, we moved in together in the heart of Charlotte, NC.

How I Asked

A couple of years down the road, Lindsay and I saw the movie “Inside Out” (Pixar) together. There was a short at the beginning of the film called “Lava”, sang by Kuana Torres Kahele. The short is about a volcano, looking for love–and even though he is exhausted of trying, he finally finds it–love was right under his nose the whole time! The imagery and the analogy was perfect, we cried together at the short and it was a beautiful moment between us. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a watch! The short was Hawaiian-themed, and that started the wheels spinning in my head.

Working with Engaged on Maui, I created the proposal I always wanted–something special enough for a girl like Lindsay. I surprised her with a trip to Hawaii, and on our first day together, I took her for a walk on the beach. She has no idea what is coming next!

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Out on the beach, we stumble upon a private picnic, she tells me how cute it is. Secretly I’m sure she was hoping it was for her… And it was!

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Champagne, food, pillows, and most importantly–our favorite pictures of us! Lindsay started crying immediately and tells me this is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for her. She keeps asking me over and over how I could have possibly have this setup for her, and she has no idea that my engagement coordinator/photographer is hiding in the bushes capturing all of this on film.

After a glass of champagne, I ask Lindsay to follow me down to the water. This is the big moment! I I barely remember what I said; but, I remember her face and I will remember that moment for the rest of my life.

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She said yes! I knew she would; but, it’s still a huge weight off my shoulders! I’ve still got one more trick up my sleeve though. Kuana Torres Kahele, the artist I mentioned earlier from “our song” was hiding in the bushes waiting for the signal! He emerges with my photographer and I introduce him to Lindsay. She can hardly believe it’s the actual artist who sings one of our favorite songs.

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Kuana placed us our song on his Ukulele, and it was perfect. We danced, cried, laughed on the beach while he played us in. Kuana’s musical gift really made this so incredibly special for us. If him flying to meet us wasn’t enough though… He’s a little bit of a local celebrity, so next morning, imagine our surprise when local Hawaiian news has picked up Kuana’s post! We felt like the entire island was celebrating our love together.

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After Kuana left, we had our engagement session with Angela Nelson from Engaged on Maui. We drank champagne (okay maybe some liquor too) and celebrated while the sun was setting on the Maui horizon. All I wanted was to give the love-of-my-life a proposal to remember. Thanks to everyone involved for making this happen. Oh, and if you’re reading this Lindsay… I lava you.

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