Lindsay and Zach

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How We Met

We met at the bleachers on the first day of high school.

how they asked

Zach and I had been dating for nearly 8 years. We’re best friends from high school and fell in love our senior year of college. We knew we’d get married soon, so I was a little disappointed that I wouldn’t have one of those totally blindsided, “I can’t believe he asked”-type proposals. But that was okay! He’s my soulmate. The reason I say this is because you need to know that he wanted to crush that narrative and give me the most epic, romantic, and special engagement. He absolutely succeeded.

It was a typical Wednesday night. I came home from work and started dinner. I was still prepping when Zach walked through the front door with a beautiful bouquet of flowers… and a card.

In the card, there was a bullet list:

“Here’s all you need to know:
-We are going on a trip…
-Our flight is at 6 AM on Friday and we return late Monday.
-I emailed your boss, so you have the days off.
-Pack for tropical weather. :) ”


At JFK, he managed to slip us through security without revealing our destination. It wasn’t until we were at the gate that I’d find out we were flying to Turks & Caicos, and the surprises didn’t stop there…Upon arrival, Zach said there’s another surprise. Our shuttle took us not to a hotel… but a boat. We were taken about 40 minutes to a private island and picked up by a golf cart at the most breathtaking and special resort. We checked in and had some leisure time on the beach. If you’ve been to Turks you know, seeing that turquoise water for the first time is something spectacular.

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That night, the resort planned a steel drum dinner for all the guests. I thought for sure it would happen here. We stopped by the bar for an aperitif while watching the sunset. Just as I was sorting myself to walk over to dinner, Zach leans in towards the bartender and says, “we’re ready for our pickup.” My heart dropped. Flushed, I ran to the bathroom to apply a truly heroic amount of makeup. There was a golf cart waiting for me with Zach inside. The driver said we were going “night crabbing” ? We couldn’t stop laughing.

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He pulled up to a lush location and told us to walk down a wood-planked path. Through the brush, there was a bungalow lit warmly, with orange candlelight. There was a dinner table set for two and red flowers everywhere.

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There was a single waiter serving us a 5-course wine pairing dinner. When I slipped away to the bathroom, I came back to the sounds of UB40. Zach found a stereo and some reggae – our favorite. Incredible vibes. Just before dessert arrived, our waiter asked us if we wanted a photo. We posed, and he took one. Then Zach turned to him and said, “can you take one more??”

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That’s when he got down on one knee.

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