Lindsay and Will

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How We Met

I had just graduated from graduate school and moved to Denver, Colorado to go through a yoga teacher training program. He had done his yoga teacher training through the same company a year before me. We both were accepted into the same “extensions” program. I still remember thinking how cute he was when he walked into the studio. After about 10 minutes of our first class, the program split us into groups of 4 people..and what do you know! He was in my group! After many study dates and yoga classes and later a year of long distance..we moved to be together in illinois and now we will be moving together for our “next adventure”

how they asked

It was your typical rainy, sunny, winter florida day. We had just gotten in town the night before. This was the first christmas we would be spending with his family in the last couple of years. (Due to my job) Him and his mom ran an “errand” first thing in the morning, which later I will discover was to pick up the ring. After he got back, the two of us headed out to his family farm, about 20 mins away. Its a beautiful property that has been in the family for generations. We walked and walked, enjoying the southern air, avoiding the rain till all of the sudden we stopped at the entrance of one of the barns at the back of the property. Confused as to why we stopped walking, the conversation turned. (Back Story: I left my job in December, so we are planning to move out of our current city)

With not a soul in sight and surrounded by nature, he held my hand, took my sunglasses off and started talking about how excited he is for our “Next Adventure” and no matter where we move, he wants us to go together! He got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him. I said YES!

So not knowing where our next stop is, it’s certain that we are going together.