Lindsay and Tyler

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How We Met

Tyler and I met my freshman year of college. We both played volleyball for the school and met through mutual friends and the sport. When we finally got more than 3 minutes to talk with each other, it was right before our 6 week Christmas break. We exchanged numbers and texted the whole 6 week break that we were apart. We had so much in common, and I never got bored of talking to him. When we finally were back together, I couldn’t wait to give this guy a big smooch! (We hadn’t yet kissed at this point… talk about nerves). I ran up to him and kissed him right on the lips, and it was immediate fireworks. Fast forward 4 years… We both graduated college, started our careers, and were still pursuing each other through a long distance relationship. During our college years, we lived 9 hours apart with him calling Eastern Pennsylvania home and me calling Michigan home. After I graduated, I moved to Virginia Beach, VA to start my first year of teaching. We were still living in different states, but at least we cut the distance down to 5 1/2 hours! Our relationship sustained on phone calls, texts, weekend visits, and halfway points.

how they asked

In the fall, a group of my new Virginia teacher friends decided to plan a trip to Iceland for our spring break. I was SO in! And so was Tyler. He had already been looking for the right time to propose, and Iceland was the answer to his prayer. He and a few of my friends started working out the details of the trip so that the proposal would be perfect. In the 6 months leading up to the trip, he had a ring, my father’s blessing, and all of my friends in on the surprise. After a long day of traveling and exploring on our first day in Iceland, we slept in on Tuesday morning. We were staying on a farmhouse, so the grocery trip we needed would take at least 2 hours. Tyler volunteered me to go to the store, and I suspiciously agreed. After we returned from the store, all 10 of us loaded into cars and drove 45 minutes to the Black Sand Beach in Vik. Tyler and I posed to get a picture taken with the basalt and volcanic ash sand and rock figures when he said, “This isn’t just a normal picture…” and dropped down to one knee.

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I threw my fists up in the air and shouted “YES!” as he was asking, “Lindsay, will you marry me?” And then I looked at the ring (WOW by the way!!). I was shaking to get my gloves off, and he was shaking to put the ring on my finger.

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My friends rushed up with bottles of champagne for us to pop right there on the beach. It was surreal and it was so perfect. Our relationship has been built on so much trust, communication, faith, and service, but it has all been worth the work because, from the start, we both knew we would someday be husband and wife. I am so honored to become Mrs. Himes and to continue growing with, loving, and serving Tyler for the rest of our lives.

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