Lindsay and Stuart

How WE Met

Lindsay and I met on Tinder in March 2017. Yes, dreams can come true on Tinder after one sifts through all the nightmares first. We were both at the same point in our lives where we were looking for something meaningful. Our first date at Babalu Restaurant in Charlotte, NC was a hit. We met for a drink and ended up sitting there through closing time. After the wait staff started strongly hinting that they wanted us to leave so they could close up shop, we ended the night with enough interest for us to want a second date. Then a third, then a fourth etc. Fast forward to August, and we were starting to realize that we had found the person of our dreams. I used to roll my eyes when engaged or married friends would say cliché things to me like “when you know you know.” But… I get it now; It’s true. Just four months from meeting, we agreed to move in together, and I was already mulling over the reality that I needed to start looking for a ring.

how they asked

Fast forward to December, and I’ve already bought a ring. I used the excuse of “late work meetings” to sneak out to our friend’s jewelry store an hour away on weekdays after work. As the holidays arrive, I’m heading to Boston to spend Christmas with Lindsay’s family, However, I didn’t want to encroach on Lindsay’s little brother’s engagement who had just proposed to his fiancé two months earlier; this was their first Christmas as an engaged couple, and they deserved their moment to soak in the attention. As a result, I was scoping out the first opportunity in January. My birthday is in January, and Lindsay and I had scheduled a one-night “stay-cation” at the luxurious Ballantyne Hotel in Charlotte – dinner reservations and spas scheduled. However, while Lindsay thought she was taking me out for my Birthday, little did she know, I was about to turn the tables.

Anyone who knows Lindsay knows she’s a serial planner, and it’s very difficult to get any detail past her; hence, my birthday was the perfect cover for a proposal. Earlier in the week, I met a photographer-friend at the Ballantyne to scope out the perfect spot.

When Lindsay and I arrive on Friday, sunset was hitting and I convinced her to take a walk around the grounds together before dinner. It was winter and all the outdoor areas looked dead and winterized. I could tell she thought I was crazy as I urged her to go see nooks and patios that would otherwise be completely underwhelming on a normal January night; however, the lighting and the background couldn’t have been prettier as I stopped, looked at her, and told her that I wanted to give her the most important gift I’d ever give anyone in my life.

As I got down on one knee and told her how much I loved her, I could see her face melt and the surprise set in. I had done it. The woman impossible to surprise was so happy and overwhelmed with emotion as she emphatically accepted my proposal, and my hidden friend had captured every perfect detail on her camera from her hide-a-way. Our birthday-turned-engagement dinner reservation was waiting for us as we savored the moment and began our stay-cation as a newly-engaged couple.

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