Lindsay and Stephen

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How We Met

We first found each other through the dating website, Match. We talked on the phone for a few weeks before we meet in person and we were both quite excited when we decided on our first real date.

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Since the beginning both of us have enjoyed setting up “surprise/secret” dates for each other and our beginning was no different. Stephen decided that he would set up our first date and I had no clue what we were doing.

We met in the Arboretum in Ann Arbor and Stephen had a blanket picnic! He brought all vegetarian food (as I am a vegetarian) with wine, music, and a blanket. Needless to say we ended up staying on our first date together about about 13 hours because we did not want to separate!

how they asked

Stephen had planned another one of “our” style dates (one of us plans an activity/day adventure and the other is totally in the dark) and he said that I would have to wear tennis shoes. I had no idea and thought that maybe we were doing something active for the day.

As we drove to the Kensington Metro park area I was happy thinking that maybe we were going on a beautiful hike. However, Stephen pulled into an area with a bunch of people. I asked him “Are we doing something with a group today?” He smiled and said “nope.”

Eventually I saw a trailer with a picture of a hot air balloon on it and asked “Are we going in a hot air balloon?!” We were both so excited for the ride as neither of us had been in a hot air balloon before. Stephen was acting a little off and I asked him if he was ok? I was completely clueless about what he still had planned or why he was acting “off.”

While high in the air on a beautiful day Stephen got down on one knee and said that he could not imagine life without each other and asked if I would marry him!

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I was so shocked that I was speechless! But of course I was incredibly happy as I love him so deeply and also can not image my life without him by my side.

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I have a six year old daughter, Scarlett, and Stephen also bought her a crystal necklace and asked her the next day if she would take him as her step-dad and if she approved of him marrying her mother? Scarlett was so excited that she jumped into his arms and said yes!

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Scarlett had been asking Stephen (unbeknownst to me) “when are you going to marry mom? You would be a good dad.” All three of us~ Scarlett, Stephen, and I are so excited to officially tie the knot and become a family.

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