Lindsay and Scot

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How We Met

I was going to the gym with my dad as his guest. We would go everyday at the same time. After a couple of weeks, my dad mentioned that there was this guy that worked there and ever since I started going, he was always smiling and saying hi and bye. I told my dad I didn’t know who he was talking about, but to show me. As we went to leave, my dad pointed him out to me. Our eyes met and when I walked outside, I told my dad I was going to marry that man. Since I was a guest to the gym, I had to sign in every time I went. It asked for you name, number, and email. Before I was just putting L. Ayala and I put my house number. But as time went on, I wrote my full name and I used my cell phone number, hoping he would look at it and text me. There was a day when he was not at work. When I finally saw him again, I decided I would ask him where he has been.

Lindsay and Scot's Engagement in Downtown Grand Rapids

That is when it all started. We talked for an hour that day. My dad was mad because I did not work out, but instead used that time as a flirt session. When I left, I drove myself back to the gym to ask him if he wanted to go for a walk with me. On our walk, he said he tried to find me in Facebook but couldn’t, which is because I don’t use my last name, and he said he was going to call the number on the guest sign it sheet but noticed it was the same number on my dad’s gym account. He asked what I was doing that weekend and I told him I was going to this Black Dress Party event downtown at this hotel. He said, “oh yeah, me too.” I told him I would see him there then. When I walked into the party, there were at least 1,000 people there. I didn’t know where my friends were, but the first person I saw was Scot. I texted me mom and told her and said it was fate. That is when it all began.

how they asked

A week before he asked, Scot told me he had this work event to go to since they were opening a new club. He told me it was going to be outside and that the humane society was a sponsor, so I could be my rescued pup Morgie. As the days came closer, he complained and said he didn’t want to go and each time I told him it was for work and he had to. The day of the event, I received a text from this girl he works with who asked me if I wanted to get my nails done with her. My engagement ring was my Great Grandma’s ring. As I was getting ready to leave to get my nails done, I had this feeling to check on my ring. It wasn’t there. I didn’t say anything to Scot because I didn’t want him to know that I check in it again after he told me to stop. I told my friend who I was getting my nails done with that the ring was gone. She told me that Scot said he was moving it so I didn’t check in it all the time.

When Scot got home, we took a nap because he had to work early that morning. He said he didn’t want to go to the parade for work. His boss texted me and told me to make sure Scot came and told me to make sure I dressed up because there were going to be TV cameras there too. I asked him what time we had to be there and where we had to go. He said we had to meet at the children’s museum and that we had to be there by 7. We drove there and Scot said he wanted to wait for some other coworkers who were on their way. I reminded him of the time and he said it was ok to start walking to the museum.

We were on the blue bridge when Scot pointed to a guy playing music on his guitar. I was thinking yes that’s nice, he is trying to make some extra money. He stopped me in front of the guy and asked, “does this song sound familiar?” He go down on one knee and asked, “will you stop investigating and just marry me already.” I said yes. The guy playing the guitar was his cousin and the song that was playing was our song.