Lindsay and Sam


How We Met

Sam tells everyone he knew he would marry me from when we first met in Kindergarten. I, on the other hand, took a bit longer to come to that realization.

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From sharing oreos and each other’s 5 year old birthday parties, we didn’t have much to go off of before I moved an hour south to a new school and new life. Fast forward to high school and our lives crashed together again only to find out we had both already committed to the same out of state college.


We were placed in the same math class Freshman year, and as our friends joked on the side, our “study dates” did create a bit of a spark. On a camping trip the following summer after a first few dates, we made it official and became boyfriend and girlfriend on a rock overlooking Fall River Reservoir.


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Once we graduated school, it was time to move back home. Sam and I both had a hand in planning a reunion with all of our friends back in Colorado at none other than Fall River Reservoir. Everyone sneakily disappeared from the campsite Saturday afternoon until it was just a clueless me and nervous Sam left behind. We walked up to “our” rock, the one we started dating on, and he got down on one knee and asked me if I’d be his girl forever this time. A tearful “yes” and a few minutes to ourselves, left me wondering where everyone was.


Just as I was about to ask, Sam stood up and yelled “SHE SAID YES!!” creating a tidal wave of cheers and hugs from all of our friends hiding in the trees behind us.


Next July I’ll walk down the aisle–not too far from that campsite–and say “I do” to my Kindergarten best friend.






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