Lindsay and Sam

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How We Met

We are both from South Florida. Sam is from Broward County in a town called Cooper City and I am from South Miami – Coral Gables area. We were introduced by a mutual friend, my sorority sister at Boston University and Sam’s good friend from high school, Ashley. She used to have the biggest crush on Sam, but when he showed interest in me, she figured she’d assist in matchmaking! Our first date was on December 26th 2013, but we say April 4th 2014 is our anniversary. I’m not exactly sure why but it was a turning point in our relationship and felt right to say that was the date of our anniversary. It was also when Sam said, “I love you” for the first time!

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how they asked

It was my 26th birthday so Sam had told me we were going on a horse and buggy ride around Charleston to enjoy some of the historic sites. It was our first time visiting so we had a lot to pack in for the weekend.

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We boarded our carriage ride, took some photos with the horse, and were off on our tour. Taking in all the sites, the driver stopped about 20-minutes into our ride in front of a pretty fountain by the water. Sam held my hand, told me that it was our stop, and we started walking down a beautiful pathway lined with trees.

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There was an electric energy in the way Sam held my hand, I knew something was going on but couldn’t put my finger on what. Sam began to talk about our first months of dating and when he knew I was the one and I was on cloud 9 with emotions. Next thing I knew, Sam was getting down on one knee and asking me to marry him.

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The answer was pretty obvious! I mean especially after the most magical proposal And I adore my ring! It is a round engagement ring with a pave diamond band. The stone is actually from Sam’s mother- it was her mother’s ring. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I love wearing it…AND cleaning it 24/7! Our wedding will be late winter/early spring of 2018 in Miami, FL!

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