Lindsay and Rob

How We Met

Rather than bore you with details of our childhood, I’ll just skip right to the good stuff: Lindsay and I met at summer camp, long ago, in Estes Park, Colorado. It was at Cheley Colorado Camps that I first laid eyes on her, at 11 years old, you better believe it was love at first sight.

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I have to thank her older brother, because if it were not for him, I probably would have never met Lindsay. He and I became great friends while at camp; so naturally, in my second summer, I asked Lindsay to marry me so that Daniel (her brother) and I could be brothers. It was a bold move at the time, but guess who got the last laugh on August 30th, 2014. The truth is (sorry Daniel), I used becoming Daniel’s brother as an excuse to flirt with Lindsay every chance I got while at camp. We got to know each other and spent every summer until I was a senior in high school writing in-camp mail and hanging out together when we could. Although we became very close, my first crush never became more than friendship with Lindsay until years later….

So, we went our separate ways: Lindsay to the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk!) and I to the University of Denver (Go Pios!). We did stay in contact though…sort of, occasionally exchanging emails or texts. Lindsay eventually graduated early the same year I was graduating from grad school at DU and that is were our story picks back up…

I was living with some high school friends and a good college buddy just south of DU’s campus and one night received an out-of-the-blue text message from Lindsay asking me if I was out in Denver. Lindsay was at a Russian vodka bar called Red Square Bistro with friends from work and so a couple buddies and I decided to join them. For those of you who have been to Red Square, you know where this story is going…….. A couple hours later I was slightly over-served and finally got up enough courage to ask Lindsay out on a REAL date. I then discovered she was even a little more over-served than I, so after a quick: “Sure”, it was time for her to go home.

After that underwhelming yes and seemingly failed attempt, I decided that I would play hard to get, which I’m terrible at. Eventually we started texting and talking again until we both decided to go out for drinks one night after work. Not long after, my first crush finally became my girlfriend… it only took a little over a decade.

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how they asked

Fast-forward a year and a half to April 20, 2013. After weeks of no sleep, conversations with my parents, conversations with her parents, ring shopping and planning, I was finally ready to ask Lindsay to marry me – even though I already asked her when I was 12, I needed to make it official. I set-up just another date night for us at one of our favorite restaurants, the same restaurant we went on our first official date as boyfriend and girlfriend, Vesta Dipping Grill. Lindsay had no idea, even though I could barely breath during dinner, what was coming. This was a personal victory for me…she is basically impossible to surprise.

After dinner, I walked her into the front door of my house to a room full of roses, candles, flowers and pictures of the two of us from camp years up to present day. She said “It’s beautiful” and then immediately went into shock – I had to walk her to the center of the room. Then, I got on one knee and told her I’d loved her since I met her years ago, she was my best friend and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and she said “Yes!” before she even saw the ring (I forgot to take it out…oops). After calling her mom, dad, brother and a few best friends, we drove over to my sister and brother-in-law’s house, where all of those people, plus my family, were waiting to celebrate.

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Special Thanks

Kelly Lemon
 | Photography