Lindsay and Nathan

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How We Met

Nate and I met over 5 years ago while we were both working in Boston. Within a few weeks of dating Nate told me he would marry me, and I thought he was crazy. Now, many years later after several moves, new jobs, and adventures I couldn’t be happier to be marrying that crazy guy!

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how they asked

Nate had spent months planning our vacation to Oregon, and managed to keep everything a surprise. Having been dating for over 5 years, I had a suspicion he was going to pop the question. Throughout our relationship I had joked that he could ‘propose with a ring pop and I’d say yes’ which is what ultimately ended up shaping his week-long proposal plan. The first night of our vacation, we naturally went out for Mexican food (our favorite) where he handed me the first of many small boxes and told me that he ‘got me something for our first night of vacation’. To say I was confused when I opened the box to see a small taco ring would be an understatement.

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The following day we went hiking at Multnomah Falls, where at the top of the waterfall, Nate got down and gave me the second ring, a ring pop! At this point, I had started to get the hint of a theme, and the taco ring started to make more sense. Saturday was filled with surprises, we went glassblowing in the morning, followed by an afternoon at the spa complete with a mani/pedi which grew my suspicion further. The evening ended with a romantic dinner out in the countryside on a small farm and vineyard. Before dinner we were able to explore the farm, and pet the goats, which made me miss our sons (two small kittens; Oliver and Elliot) even more.

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Nate took the opportunity to give me his ‘ring of the day’, which was a small silver ring with a cat on it. At this point I figured all of these rings were either leading up to a proposal, or a really bad joke. On Sunday Nate had planned a beach day out on the Oregon Coast with my entire west-coast family, which I don’t get to see very often. He even surprised me by having my cousin and her boyfriend drive 5 hours by motorcycle from Seattle to meet us. While at the beach, Nate gave me what I soon would find out was the final funny ring, a ‘two carrot’ ring, with two orange carrot vegetables. By then I figured it was only a matter of time.

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Monday morning, Nate said we would be going on a date to my favorite place in Portland, the International Rose Test Garden. As we walked through the garden, which was in bull bloom with rows and rows of every color rose you can imagine, I thought it was a bit odd that a woman seemed to be taking pictures of us, but it all made sense when he (finally!) got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

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