Lindsay and Mike

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How We Met

There are two sides to our story of how we met. Mike’s version would be, “She stalked me in high school.” My version is very different (and the truth)! You know when you just meet someone, then you suddenly start to see them everywhere since you never noticed or known them before? That’s really how it happened! I was in my Freshman year of high school back in 2007. During lunch, I noticed Mike, a Sophomore, for the first time. His smile is what caught my eye. I saw that he was sitting with some guys that were in my English class. The next day, in class, I asked them about Mike. They told me he was the goalie of the school’s ice hockey team, and that I should go to the games…so I did (okay, maybe a little stalker-ish). It was at the game where I met his family. I was introduced to them as the “girl who is in love with their son.” I was mortified, because I didn’t even know him!

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A few days later, Mike and I were introduced to one another. I started seeing him every time I was in the hallway! We didn’t have classes together, but they were near each other. A few days after that, I started sitting with him and his friends at lunch. He began to walk me to my class everyday. After getting to know each other, and a few rounds of bowling with friends, Mike asked me to be his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day in 2007. We have been together ever since! We have watched each other grow up, and we have been with each other for many life events like getting our licenses, going to four proms, graduating high school, graduating college, and starting our careers. We went from strangers, to high school sweethearts, to soul mates. I can go on and on about our story, but I figured I would try to be as brief as I could! He really is my best friend. I cannot imagine life without him by my side!

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how they asked

After ten years of dating, and lots of polite hints from me, Mike knew it was time to propose! We go to California every year for a vacation, and this state is so special to us, so I knew that he would plan the perfect proposal there. Back in April we went looking for an engagement ring, so I did know that this was coming. The surprise would be when and how he would ask me on our vacation. We spent the morning of the proposal on the beach in Huntington Beach. We went to lunch, and Mike didn’t eat (…I started to get suspicious). When Mike told me we were going to spend the rest of the day in Laguna Beach (which happens to be the location of my favorite beach), I just knew that this was it. What did I do? I went across the street from our hotel to buy a new dress! I, of course, didn’t think the other 5 dresses I packed were right for this occasion.

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We drove to Laguna, and ended up at my favorite place, Thousand Steps Beach. We walked down all 230 steps to the most gorgeous (and crowded) beach. Mike looked so nervous. his brother, who happened to be our talented photographer, went ahead of us and cleared a spot. We started walking towards his brother, and I was so excited and happy. I looked at Mike and said, “Our lives are about to change.” He nodded, and pointed towards a message in a bottle in the sand. He told me the message was for me. I opened up the letter and started bawling after I read “Lindsay.” I pulled it together and took my time to read every word he wrote me. He is not much of a romantic, so this really threw me for a loop.

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The letter he wrote me is so beautiful, and it is something he and I will forever cherish. When I was done reading, I handed him the letter and he placed it down. He then thanked me for being so patient with him, because he knew that I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. He also told me that I am the love of his life, which then led into the question, “Lindsay Marie Ulrich, will you marry me?” I immediately said yes, and went to grab the ring (oops).

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We laughed, and he placed the most gorgeous ring on my finger. We spent over an hour calling and video chatting our family and close friends. It was such an amazing moment. Although I knew that this proposal was coming, he still managed to surprise me with how they asked. He did such a great job, and I am so excited to continue our journey together!

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Special Thanks

Zach Vincent
 | Photographer