Lindsay and Michael


How we met: Michael and I met in 2010. I was a secretary working my way through college and he was a real estate agent in my office. The office girls and I would joke that he was my “work husband.” We planned the tackiest wedding and I would tease him daily about taking better care of me. He thought I was crazy and I thought he was creepy. Office lasted for a year before he finally asked to hang out. Our friendship started over drinks and stayed that way for awhile. After years of friendship and God aligning our paths, we ended up together.

how they asked:

Michael has told me from the first day he would end up marrying me.

It was two weeks before and Michael informed me we were supposed to go to a Fall Festival Dinner at the Spokane Club. It was fancy and I would need a dress. It was for work; he is a real estate agent so these things are normal. I usually dread them, especially when they are in the middle of the week. It was a Wednesday. I had just proctored the PSATs all day and was exhausted. After the quick transition from teacher to real estate girlfriend, we were off.

As we were driving, our friends called informing us that they were running 25 minutes late. I was exasperated but Mike wanted to stop by the Japanese Gardens. We used to go there when we first started dating and walk around. It was the one place we could go without running into people and just be us. We entered the gates to the park and a woman was standing there. Mike greeted her, realizing that it was a family friend who was also a photographer. She said she was waiting for a family to arrive and offered to take some photos of us. Mike asked if they were free. I was embarrassed.

Nothing was out of the ordinary up until this point. We were going to a regular weeknight dinner, we ran into someone we knew, and Michael was being a cheapskate (JOKES).

We walked over the bridge and she wanted us to prom pose. That’s right. Both facing the same way. I was so weirded out, assuming that we were currently posing for the worst photographer in the universe. As we awkardly shuffled around, Mike wasn’t close enough to me. As I turned around, he was kneeling.

“Will you marry me?”



“Are we still eating dinner?”

He planned an engagement photoshoot and April turned out to be the best photographer. Michael had planned everything up to the minute. There was no formal dinner but we celebrated at the same restaurant we ever had drinks at.

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Photos by April Egly