Lindsay and Michael

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How We Met

We met on our college campus 200 miles away from home and then realized that our parents live less than 10 miles away from each other. After many conversations about hating our small college town and wanting to go home we decided to pack up our stuff, switch schools and take on our home town together.

how they asked

I have been debating whether to submit this story because it is the opposite of a fairy tale(lol). Back in 2013 after living together in two different cities and having not killed each other yet, we started to talk about marriage and started casually looking for rings every where we went. I love simple rings with a plain band and a stone in the middle and pointed out maybe 600 rings that were beautiful and I would have loved. Fast forward to one night where I came home from work and was still wearing my work clothes when I turned around in the bedroom and Michael was on one knee with a ring box in his hand. I was so excited!

Until he opened the box… and the ring was HORRIBLE! Now, I am being picky because any ring is amazing and gorgeous in its own way and I would have happily kept that ring for the rest of my life if that was the case but it was very far from my personal taste. We went to his parents to show them and his mother and sisters know me well enough to know that I hated it! Everyone kept whispering that I hated the ring and I eventually had to tell him that it wasn’t my favorite. Although that was hard to do, seeing as he had the courage to go out and buy a ring for me all on his own, I still knew that I had to be honest with him and tell him how I felt. He was upset, but only because he didn’t pick the right ring. Fast forward three year and a baby girl later and I got to pick out a STUNNING cushion-cut pink sapphire with a while gold and diamond band and hints of yellow gold as a college graduation/wedding gift. I am so so so in love and obsessed with my new ring and my now husband.

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