Lindsay and Kyle

How We Met

We went to the same college, a year apart, and never met, although we had numerous mutual friends and acquaintances. After graduating from grad school and starting a new job, both of us were looking to meet new people. Each of us decided to try online dating – Kyle came across Lindsay’s profile and thought she looked familiar so decided to ask her to meet up. Since then, we have been pretty inseparable, with much of our relationship revolving around traveling and hiking in different places.

how they asked

We were just starting a 14 day road trip throughout California with two friends. Our first night, we camped near the water, overlooking the picturesque coastline of Big Sur. The next day, we took an off-road, bumpy ride with our campervan to the top of the mountains that we had slept beneath the night before. The view was unbelievable; we were literally above the clouds with Big Sur below us with no one else in sight. When sunset came, I asked to take a picture with Kyle (something not uncommon). The next thing I know, Kyle is down on one knee, asking “Lindsay, will you marry me?”

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I was beyond shocked. He and our two friends had been planning this moment for months, and especially that day. I failed to notice them moving things around and practicing pictures to get the perfect ones. We were too far in the mountains to even tell anyone, so it was our little secret for 2 days. It was all I ever dreamed of and more.

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