Lindsay and Kevin

Image 1 of Lindsay and KevinHow We Met: Kevin and I first met several years ago during Vanderbilt Law School’s on-campus interviews in Nashville. I was there representing my Atlanta law firm. Kevin was a candidate on our interview schedule…who stood us up…and then came to apologize to us later in the day for his oversight. It was an interesting first impression, to say the least… We re-met in Atlanta years later. Kevin was on time for our first date. In fact, he was early.

how they asked: Kevin and I have been dating for almost three years. Two things you need to know about our relationship? First, Kevin cannot keep a surprise––he is the type who announces the contents of the box just as you start to unwrap the gift he bought you. Second, I do nearly all of our planning––I love planning, Kevin does not, and opposites most certainly attract.

In October 2011, I traveled to Washington, DC to visit a close girlfriend, Anjali, who had just had a baby boy with her husband, Kurt. A mix of things to do back at the office, as well as an important college football weekend, kept Kevin back home in Atlanta.

Kurt works for the government. So I was elated, but not shocked, when he forwarded an invitation to me and Anjali for a U.S. Senator’s cocktail party set for Saturday night, the second night of my stay, at the U.S. Capitol. I immediately called Kevin at work to share my excitement about the party and wondered out loud, “should I get my hair done?,” “what shoes do you wear to a Senator’s party?,” “will I get to meet a Real Housewife of D.C.?!” He was excited for me, though he guessed that I would not get to meet a Real Housewife.

On Friday, Kevin drove me to the airport for my flight to D.C. Friday finally gave way to Saturday, and Anjali, Kurt, and I got dressed up and set out for our evening at the Capitol. As we got closer and closer to the recognizable white dome, I ended my text conversation with Kevin, who was back in Atlanta watching the game, and prepared to pace through the misty rain up the building’s steps and into the company of our nation’s most recognizable faces.

Under the cover of one of Anjali’s umbrellas and alongside Kurt, we walked by the Senate Reflecting Pool and Fountains up to the Capitol. It was a stunning view.

Then, I noticed a man in a nice suit standing atop the steps about 25 yards ahead under a gigantic black umbrella and flanked by a photographer. He took a step toward me, and he looked familiar. I turned toward Kurt: “Is that Kevin?” No response. The man and the photographer began walking toward me and Kurt stepped aside. It was Kevin!

There was no cocktail party. Nor was I meeting a Real Housewife of D.C. Kevin was most definitely not watching football. Instead, my non-planner boyfriend had, pursuant to a plan over a month in the making, scheduled a flight to D.C. behind my back. All to end up here––in front of our nation’s Capitol, under an umbrella, with flowers in his hand and a photographer by his side––to ask me to marry him. I was stunned. And I said, YES!!”

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After he proposed, a 1962 Bentley that Kevin had arranged took us to drinks at a local restaurant, Poste Brasserie, near the American Portrait Gallery. Kevin visited Poste earlier that day to set up a lovely array of flowers and a special first cocktail for us to toast our engagement. Afterwards, the Bentley took us to dinner at Central Michel Richard, where our moms had sent us a lovely, engraved frame to commemorate the day and a bottle of champagne. We stayed at a downtown hotel that night, complete with more champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, rose petals, and mimosas in the morning sent to us from our friends in L.A.

For a first-time planner (who now exclaims that he has retired from event planning), Kevin absolutely outdid himself with his surprise proposal. I was completely shocked, and could not have been happier! I can’t wait to marry him!

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