Lindsay and Joshua

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Paris, France

How We Met

I was a freshman in college and Josh was 2 years older. He coincidentally was in my sisters ASL class and they were required to attend a sign language only dinner. My sister forced me to come along, I mostly went for the free pizza, and I am so happy I did! He was a goofy nerd that I immediately wanted to be friends with. To be honest, I don’t think either of us thought of the other in a romantic way at first. My sister and our roommates ended up needing an extra roommate the following year for just a half of a semester, and he was graduating early. We spend 6 months being roomates and our friendship grew extremely close. After countless nights binge watching TV together and bonding over our love of all things Italian (pizza, pasta and Bon Jovi), we realized we were more than just friends.

He went off and commissioned into the Marine Corps and transferred all around the United States, and I finished college 2 years later. Never missing a beat, I moved straight to North Carolina where he was stationed after getting my diploma. Six years later, one dog, a new house in a new city, we are settled in Raleigh, North Carolina and ready to take on what life has in store for us!

Proposal Ideas Paris, France

how they asked

Josh was never a huge romantic. We always joke, he tries so hard but his execution usually fails. But this time was different. A few days before Thanksgiving he instructed me to pack a bag with warm clothes. How non-descriptive right? Thank goodness I had my best friend, who knew the destination, at hand to help me with what to bring and what not to bring. After Thanksgiving dinner Josh started driving towards a direction that wasn’t home. I knew we were going on a short trip, but the destination was unknown to me. As we passed the first airport sign in Baltimore, Josh handed me a gift bag. I’m the most anxious person in the world. I didn’t take the news well that I wasn’t going to know my final destination until moments before arrival at the airport. I opened the bag and inside was a tour guide-book of Paris. Because I know Josh, I assumed it was a joke and we were headed towards Paris, Arkansas, or something he would find hilarious. It took about 10 minutes of pure confusion for him to convince me, we were in fact on our way to a flight that would take us all the way to the most romantic city in the world, PARIS!

This trip itself was pure magic. The spontaneity and adventure were enough to put me on cloud 9…then came the proposal. We had walked around since delivering our bags from the airport from our red-eye flight. We had eaten, drank and toured our way through, what seemed, all of Paris. We had already seen the Eiffel Tour during the day time and were on our walk back to the hotel. We had crossed the cutest little pedestrian bridge right in front of the Eiffel Tower while it was lit up at night and we pulled to the side of the river to take in the day. As we walked away from that spot and back to the hotel he grabbed my hand and got down on one knee. I’ll never forget that moment or the entire trip!

Being a blogger, I am never without my camera. I think that was my favorite part about this trip. I only had my cell phone camera. We spent 48 hours just being together and not worrying about capturing every single moment. I have to say, this selfie of us that we took by balancing my phone on a rock wall next to the river Seine, is my favorite picture we’ve ever taken.

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