Lindsay and Jordan

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How We Met

Jordan and I first met in 2016 while working at a summer camp in Florida. We were only acquaintances by the end, but Jordan thought I was pretty funny and I thought he was pretty cute. After camp, we went our separate ways-Jordan stayed in Florida and I lived in South America for a year and then California for school. We were social media friends and that’s about it… until I moved to Florida in 2021. Jordan reached out and welcomed me to Florida and introduced me to his community. That community became family and Jordan and I became best friends. Of course, I had a crush on him the entire time but I kept that on the down low until finally one year later he asked me on a date. I took a while to say yes because I was in so much disbelief that the man I had admired for so long was actually asking me out. After several agonizing moments for Jordan, I “causally” let him know I would go on a date with him. Jordan, always a planner, had us make DIY snow globes for our first date and then later used that snow globe to ask me to be his girlfriend.

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How They Asked

Dating Jordan has been the most fun, the safest, and the surest thing I’ve ever felt with anyone. I knew he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and I had to take him home to Nebraska (Land of the Cornhuskers) to meet my family. Legend has it I put some type of corn potion in his drink because ever since then Jordan knew he wanted to marry me.

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He asked my parents to marry me in September and then planned for 3 months every detail to come up with the most special proposal I could’ve ever imagined.

My housemate, Ashleigh, and I were dressed up to go to a friend’s “birthday party” at a “fancy restaurant” and we were about to leave when my pastor called me. He asked us to stop by the church for a minute to wish one of our high school girls in our small group a happy birthday on our way out.

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I walked into the church to one of my friends with a video camera. I immediately felt awkward because I thought I was interrupting something and then I looked around to see a projector that said, “Hi, Lindsay”. I froze, was I the Lindsay being said hello to? There’s always a million Lindsays whenever I go, so surely this wasn’t for me. Ashleigh confirmed it was for me and helped me through the whole process. I played the 3-minute montage of Jordan and me and then was told to go out the doors.

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As I walked over the doors opened up and I saw all those people I loved lined up the stairs with sunflowers and our song, “Simply The Best” playing. Each person said, “you’re the best” as I passed them that’s one way Jordan and I tell each other “I love you”.

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I made it up the stairs and another door was opened for me too. There was an aisle stringed with lights and candles with the love of my life at the end. Jordan kneels down and hands me a snow globe that says, “Will you marry me”. Easiest yes of my life.

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We celebrated with our friends after several months and deep into wedding planning later I’m still reminiscing about this perfect day. From incorporating my favorite flower, wearing a shirt from our favorite coffee shop in Nebraska, playing our song, and using the snow globes- everything was perfect and so special. I’m so grateful for our community and their dedication to making this day so special and I can’t wait to marry my fiancé!

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