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how we met

Lindsay: I may be biased, but I think our story is the best. We may have not done things as traditional as some or maybe even the way I envisioned, but the journey is ours, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Jarrus and I actually met at a hibachi steak restaurant for my best friend, Brittany’s birthday dinner. However were both in different relationships at the time so we didn’t really turn each others heads (yet). The reason Jarrus had been at the dinner was because he was (and still is) best friends with Brittany’s boyfriend, Robbie. I had moved away shortly after to Philadelphia and London and was gone about 2 years. Throughout those two years, the relationships we had fizzled, and the second we both we single at the same time, I started getting the calls and texts from Brittany saying “When are you going to let me hook you up with Jarrus?”

I brushed it off as I was in a different city and even country but when I came back Brittany approached me again but this time more aggressive… I threw my hands in the air and figured, “What the heck? Why not – what’s there to lose?!” So to get her to stop badgering me I decided to text him…. little did I know I didn’t text the right number and funny enough, the wrong person responded and was messing with me. I’m pretty sure I wrote something flirty along the lines of “According to Brittany, you’re the perfect fit, so if you’re ready to go on the perfect date, let me know what time/day works for you and we’ll make it happen”. So I’m updating Brittany as this is happening and she’s like, “Um, Lindsay – I just asked Jarrus what he thought of the ongoing conversation you’re having and he has no idea what we’re talking about.”

So long story short, my ICE BREAKER was the fact that I was having an ongoing text conversation with some random person who was getting a laugh. Regardless, I landed the date…. again wasn’t expecting anything, I really was doing this to please Brittany. Because of that, he offered to pick me up and get my door, etc. but I wasn’t sure yet so I told him I’d meet him at his apartment so we could hop in his car and take it to our dinner. I started getting nervous, realizing what I had just gotten myself into and thought once I saw him, I’d relax. But let me tell you how UNTRUE that was! I saw him again even though I had met him before but it was like meeting a total stranger all over again. He was so tall and so handsome and of course he smelled amazing (why do they always wear such amazing cologne!?)

I was so nervous I’m pretty sure as I was walking up to his apartment on the street, word vomit spilled out and I said something about the weather, there was actually a rainbow that was clearing the sky as I walked up so nervously I said, “Hi! I brought you a rainbow!” (I was such a dork, he made me so nervous) We ended up going to a new joint at the time (we had been living in Denver, CO) called Source and I got lost in the moment – NO! The second, the minute, the day, everything. I got lost in it all. I told my mom that I was going to marry him the second after I wrapped the date up. Which, by the way, wasn’t until the following day, because after joking about how much I wanted to go camping, he told me that he owned his own lake (he’s a semi-pro water-skier) and he took me out there! I know what you’re thinking, but actually he was a complete gentleman and nothing happened. Well, he did walk me out on to this wooden dock where the stars reflected on the water at night.. It looked (and felt) like I was in outer-space with the amount of stars surrounding us, and he kissed me!

Later that week we (being the spontaneous couple that we discovered we were) decided to make our second date a NAPA trip! I had always wanted to go and he put it on the calendar to make my dreams become a reality. After Napa we went to Fisherman’s Wharf to have lunch and after a nice meal and a shot of fine tequila, he took me into a store and bought me a mood ring, he then had the brilliant idea that we should pretend and trick Brittany into thinking she did such a great job hooking us up that he proposed right then and there! Which he did by the way (it was hysterical)!

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Jarrus: Lindsay would tell you we met under a rainbow because it’s much more romantic sounding. The truth is we did meet for the first time under a rainbow, but it was because my best friends girlfriend set Lindsay and I up. Not like the typical blind date “setup” rather I was given her number. Well two short days later and many flirty text back and forth Lindsay and I had our first date at a local restaurant hall called the Source in Denver. We had an amazing dinner and ended up daring each other to go camping and what do you know? We ended up going camping that night and it’s been the most amazing first and last date of my life!

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how they asked

I had the pleasure of going to San Fran to be a part of my friend Arianna’s wedding in Berkeley so I had this inkling that just maybe Jarrus would re-propose in the spot where we originally got “fake-engaged.” After the celebrations and wedding came and gone, Jarrus and I explored the city. Yes, we walked all the way up California Street – OMG what a workout! We had gone to the Tonga Room for appetizers and drinks, followed by more appetizers at the Top of the Mark, and then dinner at a place we randomly stumbled across called Alignment. Nothing happened, so I figured it would happen, just maybe not this trip. Also, I’m sure he was already thinking I was assuming it’d happen this trip because of that fake proposal. The next day we went to the pier and had the most amazing lunch at a place called PERU (go there if you haven’t yet – it’s to die for).

Jarrus acted like he was getting all sick so I legit was figuring out where the nearest grocery store was so I could buy him some Tums or something, and turns out he had actually been meeting up with a photographer who he had hired on his own to capture the moment that was about to happen! Jarrus came back after 10 minutes and was acting sick and was actually sweaty (not sure how he pulled that off). After I knew he was “okay” to walk around, I proposed that we go walk around the pier, and he then took a left out of the building. Then I knew we weren’t going to Fisherman’s Warf, so I let my guard down in case it happened… He took me to the most gorgeous Bay Bridge over look, where it was calm and quiet.

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Jarrus said “LOOK AT THAT FISH!” So like an idiot, I looked over the railing and was like “What fish?!” When I turned around, there Jarrus was, on his knee asking to spend the rest of his life with me.

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I actually had to ask him again what he said, because I was so in shock that I forgot to say yes… He had to remind me that I hadn’t answered yet! It was such a great surprise! I love him more than anyone in the world and can’t wait to conquer life with him in every way!

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I wish the best for everyone out there still looking for that, and trust me when I say, that everything really does come when you’re least expecting it and it’s SO SO SO SO SO SO worth the wait!

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 | photographer