Lindsay and Jake

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How We Met

The first time I met Jake, I was actually at a party one of his fraternity brothers was hosting. I went right up and talked to him and learned he had a girlfriend. After that, I didn’t talk to him again – that is until I ran into him on our college campus a few weeks later. About a month or two after we met, I was invited over to go watch a football game with a few friends, and when I got picked up from my dorm, I found out Jake was coming with us. I thought it was a strange coincidence, but as it turned out, we were actually going over to his house to go watch the game. We clicked almost instantly that night and I was pleased to find out he was no longer with his girlfriend. He asked me out on a date and I was absolutely thrilled. Jake then took me on the most extravagant first date I have ever been on and I’m pretty sure I fell in love with him that night.

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He picked me up at my dorm room and brought me a full bouquet of flowers and even went the extra mile to open the car door for me, though it was pouring down rain. He then took me to an amazing local restaurant right on the river and then brought me to the beach to watch the sunset (once it stopped raining). It didn’t even end there either – it was followed by mini golf, ice cream, and a movie. It was the perfect start to an amazing relationship. That is, until about 6 months later when we went our separate ways. We had been apart just over a year when Jake stopped by my dorm to drop off some of my belongings I had left at his place. I looked him in the eyes and knew that I could never love anyone the way I (still) loved him. Fortunately for me, he felt the exact same way, so we started talking again and haven’t stopped since.

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how they asked

Jake and I were on a trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. He won the trip through his work from a supplier his dad’s construction company uses. We actually got to go with his parents too! Since the trip was free anyways, Jake thought it would be fun to plan a day to go swim with the dolphins – something I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember. When we got there, I ran off to the ladies’ room and apparently Jake slipped a ring to one of the girls working at the front desk that was in on the plan. As we got ready for the dolphin swim, Jake started acting really strange and kept telling me how excited he was to swim with the dolphins. Since I was just as excited, I didn’t find his behavior the least bit strange. We finally got to get into the water with 2 dolphins all to ourselves. I specifically remember the male dolphin’s name was Jacun – which we were told translated to “love”. It definitely seems fitting now! We plunged into the cold water and got acquainted with our new aquatic friends. The hour we were in the water flew by in the blink of an eye.

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As our session came to an end, one of the last tricks our dolphins did involved me swimming to the other end of the pool and being pulled back by Jacun. When I got back, Jake fed Jacun some treats from a cooler and handed the cooler back to our dolphin trainer. This time it was Jake’s turn to swim to the other end to be pulled back. When Jake was almost back to the platform, our dolphin trainer handed me a cooler so that I could feed Jacun more treats for his trick. When I opened the cooler, I was surprised that there were no fish inside. Instead, I looked into a cooler with a beautiful ring and a sign that read “Will you marry me?” I almost instantly shut the cooler and looked at Jake and asked “are you sure this one is for me??” To which he responded, “Will you marry me?”

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Through hysterical tears, I asked him if he was sure about 8 or 9 times, and when he assured me each and every time, I finally managed to get out a “YES!” When we got back to the resort we were staying at, I learned that my future mother-in-law was up the entire night with the concierge and Delphinus (where we did the dolphin swim) to ensure everything went perfect. I also learned that Jake had bought my ring about 4 months prior and was just waiting for the perfect moment to pop the question. I feel so lucky to be marrying such an amazing man with such an amazing family!

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Special Thanks

My Future In Laws
 | They helped make sure that the proposal would go smoothly once we got to the dolphin swim location. They were such an amazing help!
Delphinus Xcaret
 | They helped plan the proposal to make it a great surprise.