Lindsay and Isaac

Lindsay's Proposal in At the columns on the university campus where we first stamer

How We Met

Isaac always says he knew the moment he first met me, that he would one day make me his wife. We first knew of each other through social media, however the first time we actually met in person was at the gym. Isaac was persistent on seeing me again, I on the other hand was not looking for any type of relationship at the moment. Upon finding out we attended the same church, I had asked him if he’d like to go to one of their student ministries.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At the columns on the university campus where we first stamer

Proposal Ideas At the columns on the university campus where we first stamer

Wedding Proposal Ideas in At the columns on the university campus where we first stamer

Lindsay and Isaac's Engagement in At the columns on the university campus where we first stamer

We met at the columns to walk to student ministries together (little did I know he’d be proposing there only months later). Let me tell you, God has a pretty funny sense of humor….the sermon was titled “How do you know God sent you THE one?” From that night on Isaac was determined to win me over, he has continued to do so every day since.

how they asked

Isaac proposed on the night I least expected it, the night he graduated with his masters. At the time I didn’t even consider how perfect an opportunity it was, after all it wasn’t too often we were both in Stephenville, Tx with all of our family around. Following Isaac’s graduation, we told our families we would meet them at the restaurant shortly, that Isaac and I were gonna walk around the campus one last time for “memories sake”. He had played it dumb like he’d completely forgot the plan to walk around and asked if I’d rather drive to a few certain spots so that we wouldn’t waste as much time.

After we got in the car he handed me a blindfold, and then a mason jar. I didn’t ask any questions nor assume anything still because it was very much like Isaac to be romantic and full of surprises (….plus this wasn’t the first time he had blindfolded me and drove me around to a secret spot, the first time was when he asked me to be his girlfriend so I figured he was trying to reenact that night….) Once we pulled up he guided me to the place where everything started for us, the columns in front of my freshman dorm. Still unaware of where we were, or what was going on, I heard the song that played during our first kiss begin to play. Isaac asked me to open the mason jar he had given me earlier. Little did I know that what filled this jar was pieces of paper with each “milestone” we had experienced since dating.

Coincidentally the three I had handed him were the dates of our first date, our first kiss, and the night he asked me to be his girlfriend. He asked me to take off my blindfold where I then saw him surrounded by glitter and rose petals scattered across the floor, lights strung around the columns along with more roses and candles lit at the post of the columns.

Isaac proceeded to hand me one more that he had kept in his wallet. I unfolded it and read “December 16th 2016, The day I popped the question” I looked past the note, eyes teary and full of love and saw Isaac down on one knee with the ring of my dreams.

(Which he apparently bought after only 4 months of dating) Immediately to follow was the surprise photographer he had hired to capture the raw emotions of this special moment. We ended the night celebrating the news with our families (who just so happen to be in on it) at the Cheesecake factory.

That night was truly something out of a fairy tale.We had only been together 8 months at that time, but as the saying goes “When ya know ya know.”

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