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How We Met

MDW 2011 I was down in Avalon with all my best girlfriends, a summer tradition for over a decade, and I saw that my friend from college was in Avalon as well. I texted him and we coordinated to meet up that night and he asked if he could bring his friend from high school. When the guys came over I immediately thought “wow what a hott guy!” but then quickly realized that he was borderline crazy so his looks quickly faded. Despite his poor first impression I gave him another shot the next day on the beach, and I am SO glad I did because we sat for hours just talking about anything and everything. I knew he was special and it was the start of an adventurous relationship. We worked through lots of trials and tribulations over the past 5 years and through the whole thing my mom would always tell us “Love Wins”. Love did win!

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It was Eric’s 26th birthday on June 3rd and we had a wonderful celebration weekend planned. Friday night brick oven pizza at my aunt and uncle’s gorgeous home and then heading down to Avalon to continue the party with both of our families. His family has always had a house in Avalon, NJ so it was always special everytime we could spend time there together since that’s where we met 5 years ago. He made reservations at his favorite restaurant, Luciano’s in stone harbor, and everyone was acting completely normal, until we were waiting for our entrees. Everyone starting getting significantly antsy and I started to sense that something was up. We quickly finished dinner and on our way back home Eric had suggested taking a walk on the beach. It was a beautiful night and a bride and groom were taking pictures a few blocks down and I noticed some things laying in the sand. Thinking it was for the photo shoot going on, I didn’t realize it was for me until I saw it was a “Stratton Vermont” blanket in the sand and knew it was waiting for us (Stratton Vermont is where we ski in the winter). I immediately broke into tears because I finally connected the dots and Eric pulled me close and said “Your mom has always told us love wins, and I truly feel like love won”. He got on one knee and asked me to be his wife! As soon as I said yes, all of our family ran onto the beach, even our dog, and we got to celebrate the rest of the night with our closest family and friends! I hate surprises but my fiancé knows me so well that he planned the best surprise and the best night of my life