Lindsay and Dylan

How We Met

Dylan and I met while attending college at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania. We both started as freshman during the Fall 2010 Semester. Dylan was recruited to wrestle and I was recruited to play lacrosse at LHU so we officially first met when we were both completing mandatory student-athlete study hall hours. Luckily, the wrestling and lacrosse teams frequently hung out with each other so Dylan and I quickly got to know each other and became good friends.

One of the first memories Dylan made as friends was in the LHU dining hall while we were at lunch with a few other friends. Dylan and I had got some food in line and I went over to get some hot sauce for whatever I was intending to smother in ranch and hot sauce. The dining hall had a giant pump bottle of hot sauce and I had pumped down on it a few times, yet no hot sauce had made its way onto my plate. Dylan, always the gentleman, sensed a damsel in distress and swooped over to give the hot sauce pump a go. After a few pumps from Dylan and careful inspection by the both of us, we figured the bottle was empty. Being the eternal optimist, I decided to give it one last forceful pump, and what do you know, whatever was clogging the pump unhedged itself and a forceful pump-ful of hot sauce exploded all over Dylan’s brand new white t-shirt. Dylan didn’t have time to run home to change before his next class so he spent the rest of the day walking around in his hot sauce splattered shirt.

As we moved though our freshman and sophomore years, Dylan and I dated other people, but always remained good friends and saw a lot of each other since we were both dual Secondary Special Education and Social Studies majors. He finally worked up the courage to let me know that he wanted to become more than friends in October of 2012. And though I tried to resist at first, he was very persistent- sending me flowers and chocolates to my parents house of Winter Break- and I found it increasingly hard to turn down his offers to study for a test or grab some dinner. We found ourselves spending more and more time together and enjoying the time we spend together more and more. In April of 2013, Dylan and I began officially dating, and the rest is history!

how they asked

We had decided to make a the trip back to Lock Haven to visit Dylan’s family for Easter weekend. A couple weeks earlier, Dylan had begun to set up the most perfect proposal by telling me that his mom had wanted us to get some pictures done the next time we were back in town so she could have them to use for the house and her office and such. I thought nothing of this and said that of course, that was fine by me.

We had driven the three hours to Dylan’s parents house on Thursday night and we knew that Friday we were scheduled to get our pictures taken for his mom. Dylan repeatedly checked the weather forecast since it was looking like it might rain and woke up alarmingly early on Friday morning and was nervously pacing around his parents house. Dylan had said that we were going to Zindel Park for our photo shoot, a place that had been our absolute favorite place to go adventuring and hiking with our dog while we were in college at LHU.

After much pacing and primping, it was time to head out to Zindel Park to meet the photographer, Brittany, who would be taking our pictures. Brittany is a friend of Dylan’s older sister, so we had met briefly a few times. She told us that she had planned for us to walk out to the furthest spot she wanted to take pictures at and then work our way back to where we had parked our cars. We trekked out about a mile to a small wooden bridge that we have frequently walked across when hiking through the park with our dog, Zeke. Brittany began to pose us and Zeke- not knowing how not to be the center of attention, was weaving himself through our legs.

Brittany started to talk to me and with the running water underneath the bridge, it was hard for me to hear what she was trying to say to me. I thought she said something about turning to throw something to get Zeke to run after it so we could get some pictures without our needy fur-baby, so I took a step toward her and asked her to repeat what she had just said. When I stepped back and turned to my left where Dylan was standing, he was down on one knee and was holding out to me the most absolutely perfectly gorgeous ring I had ever seen in my entire life.

Tears immediately began flowing, and I could barely look away from my left hand long enough to get more pictures. Brittany caught each moment on camera, and we are so eternally grateful that Brittany was there to capture the best moment of our lives!

The pictures are ones that we will cherish forever and I can’t wait to be able to show them to my children one day when I tell them about how their dad found the most memorable, romantic and meaningful way to ask me to spend the rest of his life with him.

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