Lindsay and Derek

How We Met

It’s funny trying to pin point the exact day and time we met. Some couples remember seeing the other from across the room, at a bar, bumping into one another on campus and instantly falling in love. Thinking about our first meet up and where we are now, I don’t think I could have predicted what was to come. We first met on the west coast of Vancouver Island living and working in Tofino. Our very first connection was when I was putting together the art show for the Tofino Film Festival. I had a list of artists to contact for submissions and Derek was on the list. I really had to go back and think, I can’t believe I forgot! After that our paths would cross occasionally over the years as we shared mutual friends and lived in a small town.

I would say that our official meeting happened 4.5 years ago when we started our own small business. I had just returned from my sister’s New Year’s Eve party and spent the majority of the night in the photo booth. I knew I wanted to be my own boss and finally figured out what I was meant to do. We were both working for the same painting company one winter and I was telling Derek about this great business that I wanted to start. I barely knew him at the time but was looking for a partner and lucky for me he also happened to be a photographer. He was immediately sold on the idea, quit painting and we started work on creating Four Frames Photo Booth. A year and a half later we finally started dating.

how they asked

We headed to Tofino for Derek’s birthday on June 21st. I had organized a beach fire, bbq, cupcakes and friends to join in the celebration. A couple of days before we headed west from Victoria we received an email from a friend working at Jamie’s Rainforest Inn, where we were going to be staying for a couple of nights. Jill asked us if we minded modeling for her for an upcoming ad for a Romantic Getaway Package. She needed a couple to be her models and take some pics on the beach. It didn’t take much convincing and we were in! Ten minutes before we set out for the beach I jokingly asked Derek if this was some sort of sneaky proposal.

He looked at me, rolled his eyes, and said of course not! Little did I know that Derek had orchestrated this faux-to shoot and so we headed to Chesterman’s Beach.

Image 1 of Lindsay and Derek

We slowly made our way to Frank Island, taking photos along the way, really trying to work our angles to sell that Romantic Package.

Jill told Derek to look more nautical. He looked confused. So she told him to roll up his pants!

The keyword to bend down on one knee.

Image 2 of Lindsay and Derek

Image 3 of Lindsay and Derek

Image 4 of Lindsay and Derek

Image 5 of Lindsay and Derek

He got down, rolled up his pants and produced a photo strip with the words “Will You Marry Me!”

I laughed so hard, and cried, laughed some more and said YES. It wasn’t exactly a question but more of a statement. I think he knew the answer already!

Image 6 of Lindsay and Derek

It was made even more special because it was Father’s Day. My dad passed away 8 years ago and I wish that Derek could have met him. I know that he would have approved.

We sipped on champagne and made our way down the beach where we spent the rest of the night with our good friends by the bonfire.
Image 7 of Lindsay and Derek

Image 8 of Lindsay and Derek

It was absolutely perfect and now we just have to decide how many photo booths will be at the wedding!

Special Thanks

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