Lindsay and Cameron

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How We Met

I (Lindsay) went to see a card reader in May of 2014. She told me I would meet an amazing man & our greeting would revolve around the number 23. I met Cameron on August 23, 2014. We started dating a year later on September 17, 2015.

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how they asked

Cameron and I went to NYC November 25th for an overnight stay in a gorgeous, 65-floor hotel for HIS BIRTHDAY. NYC is Cameron’s favorite place to visit (we live in Harrisburg, PA). When we got there, we explored the city until it was time to check into our hotel. We had a great time walking the city & enjoying delicious food. When we got to the hotel, I went to check in & Cam went to hand in our bags. I was told our room wouldn’t be ready for about three more hours, so we checked our bags in and left. Before we left, Cam went to the counter to ask what floor we would be on. He came back & told me we would be on the 27th floor (pretty high in my opinion) but it was for his birthday, so I knew he’d be happy.

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We did some more walking around & eating until it was time to really check into our room. When we got to the hotel again, I went to the counter to check in & Cam went to get our bags. Our friend Mike, who works in the city, was also with us. When I got to the counter, the man told me to wait one second while he checked to see if our room was ready. I waited about 15 minutes for him to come back. When he returned, he told me our room was still not ready, so he was upgrading us to the 58th floor! YES, I said 58!! I thought I was going to throw up, but again, I knew Cam would be happy because it was for his birthday. We had dinner reservations at 7, so we decided to walk Central Park before getting ready for dinner. We enjoyed a beautiful walk around Central Park & took lots of pictures. After that, we went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. As I’m getting ready, Mike & Cam are playing with the lighting in the room & taking pictures. We had a corner room and both of our walks were floor to ceiling windows. We could see Mike’s work building from our room, so I didn’t think much of their picture taking.

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Finally, I was ready to take a picture before dinner. That was when Mike started recording (I knew he was recording because the flash was on). I thought it was strange but was still pretty oblivious. All of a sudden Cam started getting all sappy & saying how I make him a better man (about 6 times). He then got down on one knee & I, of course, said yes! It was the most perfect, beautiful evening. I couldn’t have been happier or more surprised!

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