Lindsay and Brandon

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Hocking Hills state park

How We Met

We meet and Manchester University in rural IN. I was a sophomore and he was a freshman. We both ran on the Cross Country team. When we met I was perfectly content with being single and wasn’t looking to get into any relationship. That soon changed. As I got to know him i realized that he met most of my ‘perfect boyfriend criteria. He was kind, God loving, Horse loving, funny, and had brown hair and brown eyes. He soon became much more than a check list. He became my best friend. The one person I could totally be me around and three years later we are still together so I guess he likes me too.

how they asked

I recently graduated college and he is still finishing up his senior year. He decided around at the beginning of September that we needed to go on a trip, just us. We were about to hit our three year anniversary and decided to go as an anniversary trip. We then decided to Hocking Hills state park, which was full of waterfalls. We left Friday night after I got off of work and started on our 5 hour drive. The drive was nice and smooth until we got about an hour out. Then all of a sudden the brakes of the car stopped working! We basically coasted until we got to our hotel. Brandon then decide that he would take the car in the morning to a local repair shop. So we stayed the night in the hotel and in the morning he got up and took the car to the repair shop. The repair man told him that basically his car was too rusted to repair. We were stuck 5 hours away from home. Our only options was to take a very expensive lyft rude or rent a car. We went with renting a car and then took off to Hocking Hills state park. We started off at Old Mans Cave. To get there we had to pass three beautiful waterfalls. At the Lower Falls he set up his tripod so that we could get a picture with both of us. He then went back to reset the camera so we could take more picture, but really he switched it to video, grabbed the ring, and then got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

Our trip had a lot of firsts; first time renting a hotel room ourselves, first time renting a car, and it was the first time I got to spend the day with my fiance.

Lindsay and Brandon's Engagement in Hocking Hills state park