Lindsay and Brady

How We Met

We met during our Junior Year’s of college on a mission trip in Jamaica. I’m from West Virginia and was going to school at West Virginia University; she’s from Montana and was going to school at Whitworth University in Spokane, WA. We became friends and just shared a special connection. We talked everyday and about a month later, we started dating. We did the distance things for several months and both just knew that what we had was something special, unlike anything we’d ever had before.

how they asked

I started thinking of how to ask her to marry me. Being in a distance relationship, we always went on excursions when we were together. We’ve been to several national parks and sporting events and I knew that I could pull something special off. She had never been to Washington, DC so I had planned a special two day trip where we’d see the monuments and attend a few sporting events and really enjoy our break. She had always wanted to ice skate outside so I found an ice skating rink in DC that was picturesque. I found one that had a great view of the National Archives and also happened to be a sculpture garden. There was a sculpture that said “AMOR” and I knew she’d find it cute. I told her that we’d start our day off ice-skating (because I knew I couldn’t hide the ring all day) and she was super excited. Lucky, I also have a best friend in DC and had previously mapped out our plan of action, ending with my friend and her friend/photographer in the bushes. I walked Lindsay around the park and got her to the spot, and boom.

Image 1 of Lindsay and Brady

Image 2 of Lindsay and Brady

Special Thanks

Lauren Falcon
 | Photographer