Lindsay and Braden

How We Met

Braden and I are both CPA’s and met at work where we were assigned to audit the same client. We were on a team of approximately 20 people, but Braden was the one who volunteered to show me around the office. As he was 1 year ahead of me, he became the older staff who I would go to if I had questions or issues at work. We slowly became friends and continued to work together for a year and a half before we started secretly dating. At first I thought I was making career suicide and was not sure why I would get involved with someone at work. However, a couple of months into dating, we both knew it was pretty serious. Through the course of a year, Braden introduced me to the Panthers and Duke basketball and in return, I introduced him to smoothies, quinoa, avocados, and water sports.

how they asked

We both have a love for good food and when Charlotte announced restaurant week in January, we made reservations for 3 restaurants. Since we had back to back restaurants on Friday and Saturday night, I convinced Braden that we needed to do a cycling class so we would have room for dinner Saturday night.

During the cycle class I could see that Braden was struggling, but I thought it was because it was his second cycling class ever and I picked a 60 minute class. Turns out he was nervous about what was coming next. Braden told me we were meeting some of his friends for a late lunch so I went home to get ready. When he arrived at my apartment he said we were going on a walk, to which I immediately protested. I was tired and sore from cycling and wanted food, not a walk. Braden responded to this with “I am the man, we are going on a walk.” So, we went on a walk.

We have a specific route we take when we go on walks, and that day was no different. About halfway through our walk in Freedom Park, I started noticing long stem roses along the path. I could tell Braden was nervous about something but I was still not sure what exactly was happening. After seeing a couple dozen roses, Braden steered me off the path onto a trail of rose petals. The rose petals led up to a bench where a long stemmed rose was laying. We sat on the bench where I’m sure Braden said a bunch a sweet things, but my head was spinning the whole time and I honestly can’t remember much. Then Braden stood me up and he got down on one knee.

Where to Propose in Freedom Park in Charlotte, NC

Without looking at the ring, I said YES and jumped into his arms!

Lindsay Anne's Proposal in Freedom Park in Charlotte, NC

It turned out his parents had set the roses up and were hiding behind the bushes.

They came out and we headed back to my apartment where they had champagne and snacks for us to celebrate!