Lindsay and Bobby

Image 1 of Lindsay and Bobby

How We Met

We met at a friend’s house, we had gone to school together but never really crossed paths. We had to leave the party so naturally, we ran down the beach holding hands and laughing the whole way. We barely knew each other but were comfortable right away! From that night on it was obvious that we were good together.

How They Asked

We were coming home from a trip up north on my birthday. Bobby told me he had a surprise waiting for me at home so I assumed that my friends would be waiting at home to surprise me. After a long drive home, we passed the road to our house.

Image 3 of Lindsay and Bobby

He kept driving all the way to where we originally met. We walked down the beach laughing and talking about how everything turned out. I still didn’t have a clue until he got down on his knee.

Image 2 of Lindsay and Bobby