Lindsay and Billy

How We Met

A year ago, the really cute boy with the Clemson t-shirt, big brown eyes, and shaggy hair messaged me on Facebook to wish me a happy birthday, and from there we bonded over our love of hiking and all things outdoors, our mutual love of sunsets, coffee, and food. We talked constantly and for our first date, we went swing dancing and laughed our heads off for hours. At the end of the date, as he was driving me home, he started talking about a song that he had only half written but was super excited to share it with me because it was about us. He sang the first verse on the first date and finished the song over the next couple of months and it quickly became my absolute favorite.

how they asked

A year later, my love asked if I wanted to go hiking in the mountains and adventure. He told me that he had scoped out a really cool hike and was super excited to try it with me. On the day of the hike, I met him in the morning, we grabbed a coffee and got on the road to drive 3.5 hours to get to the hiking spot. The entire drive was full of hand-holding, and side glances, and pecks on the cheek, and giggling, and gushing over how beautiful the mountains were, and Billy would get the biggest smile on his face randomly and talked about how amazing the past year had been and how much he loved me.

Lindsay and Billy's Engagement in On a lake in the mountains

We pulled into the national park, and it was the most beautiful lake surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. He told me that he knew that I loved the water and he loved the mountains and wanted to combine both of them into one spot. We started to hike along the edge of the forest and along the water, with Billy booking it in front of me through the forest. He turned back and looked at me with the biggest smile and the biggest eyes, and took my hand and led me to the edge of the water where there was a circle of flowers on the ground and two roses in the center.

As I looked at the circle of colorful flowers, he pulled a small speaker out of his backpack and played a recording of the song that he had written about us. We slow danced around the flowers with our song playing in the background, and I started to joy cry and laugh because I knew exactly what was happening, and he was laughing and we continued to hold each other up as we danced. Right before the last line of the song, the speaker accidentally cut out and Billy sang “Can the rest of my memories have you?”, as he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring. I was so so beyond excited, I remember shouting a very enthusiastic “YES!!”, and grabbing his face and uncontrollably laughing and kissing him. We gathered up the flowers and started to go backhand in hand, with uncontrollable smiles and one thought: “Wow, I get to marry and spend the rest of my life with my best friend and absolute favorite human”.

Special Thanks

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