Lindsay and Benjamin

How We Met:In the summer of 2012, Image 1 of Lindsay and BenjaminI began coaching tball through a local Parks and Rec department. Ben coached as well, but for that whole summer, we didn’t say a word to each other. I noticed that he was cute, but that was as far as it went. The following summer, I went back to coach again.

At tball, there’s usually two coaches per a group of about 6 kids. For the first time, we were put together to coach. We started talking and INSTANTLY hit it off. To be honest, we didn’t pay much attention to the kids that day (oops!) I just remember smiling and laughing the entire time.

A few days later, I was out to eat with my parents. My mom asked, “So is there anyone you like?” (At this point, they probably thought I was a lost cause because I simply did not date). I responded casually, “Well, I met my soulmate at tball.” I knew from the start!

Image 2 of Lindsay and BenjaminAfter texting nonstop into the wee hours of the morning for a couple of weeks, he finally asked me out on a date! It was the most perfect first date imaginable. We went to the Henry Ford Museum and it felt like he was already my boyfriend. It was anything but awkward or uncomfortable.

About 2 weeks later after going to a Tigersgame together, we were driving home. As we entered onto I-75, henervously said, “So, I really like you…and you can say no if you want…..but….I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend?” It was the CUTEST thing seeing him that way. And of course, I said yes! Which leads us to our engagement!

how they asked:Two months into our relationship, we told each other that we knew we wanted to getmarried. It was never a matter of if, it was always a matter of when. A few months before he proposed, Ben asked me if I wanted to go ring shopping! It was such a fun experience to go try on engagement rings with the love of my life.

When we found a ring that both of us loved, I knew it could happen at any moment! There was a few weekends where I just KNEW it would happen, but as the days came and went…nothing! I got a little anxious, hoping it would be soon. My sister and her husband are moving to Europe for a year in August, and I wanted at least a couple of months of wedding planning with her!

On Saturday, June 6, we had t-ball practice. We went back to my house after and he told me to put my favorite outfit on. I put on a new dress I bought but hadn’t had the chance to wear. We went to one of our favorites, Milano Bakery in Detroit. We got some food and desserts to take with us to the next location (which he wouldn’t tell me!)

After a few minutes of driving, we pulled up to Belle Isle. As often as he and I go to Detroit, I have never been here! I’ve been telling him for awhile how I wanted to go here for a picnic or just to spend the day. He pulled out a blanket and we had a nice little picnic right near the water. Perfect!

After I scarfed down three slices of pizza, he pulled out a journal from his bag. I opened it up and read the sweetest letter from him (he knows how much I love love letters!) At the end, it said it was just the beginning of our story together and we can fill in the pages forever! Before I knew it, he pulled the box out of his bag and asked me to marry him!!

Image 3 of Lindsay and Benjamin

It was (and still is) such a surreal feeling! After I called to tell my parents, it sort of sunk in and that’s when the tears started flowing. We just hugged and kissed and cuddled for a few before the madness of letting everyone know began.

I can’t wait to marry this man! Let the fun begin!