Lindsay and Benjamin

How They Asked

“And just hold you for a second, before it all goes away” – Dispatch (Our favorite song that was playing when we walked in)

It was all such a surprise. Friends of ours were planning on coming over on Saturday for months as their favorite DJ was playing and we were going to our favorite venue, where we have shared countless loving memories and smiles.

We had 5 friends over and they had a hotel room walking distance from the venue as they are from out of town. We had a few drinks and pictures in the hotel room before walking over. My fiance also made it a point that all of us dress up extra nice since he loves this DJ so much.

When we get to the venue, he has a guest list which is very odd but I did not think much of it. Then we walk in and the entire dance floor is covered with rose petals and candles and our favorite Dispatch song was playing.

I immediately start to cry as he walks me to the middle of the dance floor and gets on one knee. Our friends were there to witness it and my fiance also hired a professional photographer to take pictures and capture the moment. The DJ himself also took a video from his perspective, the DJ booth, and gave it to us after the show. The entire night was magical.

Special Thanks

Anjelica Simmons
 | Planning
Litay Gal
 | Planning